Access Employment Details

Skyward Employee Access is available to all employees. You’ll find your personal information, copies of paycheck stubs (earning statements), W-2 information, hourly rate and contract information (if applicable). If you’re a contracted worker, you’ll also use Employee Access to request time off. 

If you have forgotten or need help with your user name and password contact the IT Help Desk 801-826-5544

  • How do I print my paycheck stubs? 
  • Can you mail or fax me my paycheck stub?  
  • What is my hourly rate? 
  • Where can I see and print my W-2? 
  • What lane and step am I currently on? 

All of these questions and more can be answered by following the simple instructions in the “Employee Access Quick Reference Handbook” Download Employee_Access_Quick_Reference.pdf

  • How do I request a day off? CLICK HERE
    • Please see the Time Off section above for further information

Where do I find my Employee ID?

Your Employee ID is a six-digit number assigned to each employee displayed in Employee Access. 

  1. In your browser, go to
  2. Click on Employee Access
  3. Enter your Login ID and Password
  4. Click the Sign in button or press the Enter button
  5. Click on the Employee Information button
  6. Under Employee Information, click on Personal Information
  7. Your Employee ID is displayed under Custom Forms
  8. Click the link for Employee ID.  Your name and Employee ID will be displayed.

For step by step instructions concerning “Employee Access Quick Reference” CLICK HERE