Direct Deposit

District policy requires that all employees have their checks direct deposited. The employee may use the bank or credit union of their choice. We need the correct routing number and account number either from a check or a printout from the financial institution.  All information must be received by payroll by the 10th of the month to be in effect by the 25th of the same month, (payday).

  • What if I don’t have a bank account? Jordan Credit Union will open a new account for any district employees
  • How do I find the direct deposit form? Direct Deposit Authorization Form
  • What if I want to deposit money into different accounts? You may designate up to two accounts. The secondary must be an exact dollar amount, for instance, a car payment, etc.
  • I’ve changed banks. How do I update my information with the district? All changes must be submitted to the payroll office by the 7th (effective for the 15th Payroll) and the 22nd (effective for the 31st Payroll). Fill out a new Direct Deposit Authorization Form
  • What if my account has been compromised three days before payday? Come into the Payroll office immediately and we will delete your direct deposit information and issue you a check on payday.