Payroll Frequently Asked Questions

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Please contact Human Resources for all inquiries concerning pay increases.  801-826-5500

Summer feed are True Time hours.  They will be paid according to the True Time pay schedule starting July 1st and paid at the cuirrent negotiated rates. 

You will be paid the last payday of the month we receive the paper timesheet.  All paper timesheets received in the payroll department by the second buisness day of the month should be paid by the last payday of the same month we receive it. (Pending Area Approval)

  • Semi-monthly paydays for 242 and 245 day contracts begin on July 15.
  • Semi-monthly paydays for 196 to 206 day contracts begin on August 15.
  • Semi-monthly paydays for 149 to 188 day contracts (including new teachers) begin on September 15.

Employees have the option to have payroll deductions for the following:  CEA,  USEA,   403b,   EMIA,  community partners (United Way)

  • What if I want to stop having a voluntary deduction taken from my check? Contact the payroll office at 801-826-5595 and we will advise you

If a garnishment has been ordered, you will receive prior notification in the mail. These could include: student loans, tax levies, Social Security repayment child support and court-ordered deductions. We do not accept voluntary or non-court ordered garnishments.