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- Former Superintendent, Jim Briscoe

Safety at Our Schools

What is Canyons District doing to maintain healthy, safe learning environments at schools?

Emergency Drills

Learn about evacuations, lockdowns, shelter-in-place drills, and more.

Parent Alerts

We communicate in an emergency and immediately alert parents by email and phone.

Social-Emotional Supports

We provide programs and initiatives to make sure students feel secure and supported.

Building a Culture of Safety

Safety at our Schools

We work hard as a District to prepare for and prevent emergency situations, and we are encouraged by statistics that show schools are the safest places for children. Schools are the heart of a community and must often serve as the linchpin of a community’s response to an array of emergencies. This is where a “safety-first” mindset and emergency preparedness pay off — and why it’s important for all of us to Think Safe. We invite you to join us on this mission to build and maintain schools that are welcoming, secure, and prepared. If you have students in Canyons District, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the information found here and discuss it at home. Please tell your child that the most important thing to do in an emergency is to follow the directions of their teachers and school staff. It’s important to reassure them and let them know that you have confidence in the training that school staff have received. We also welcome your questions and ideas, which can be emailed to And, please remember if you see or hear something that makes you feel unsafe, report it to your school principal or through the anonymous crisis and safety tipline, SafeUT.

Safety Tips

Tips and conversation-starters for families to discuss with students.

School Climate

Canyons District prevents bullying and supports students socially and behaviorally.

Community Partnerships

How do schools support communities in responding to catastrophic events?

2019 School Safety Report

How are Canyons School District schools implementing safety and digital citizenship?

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