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CSD Parents Urged to Respond to COVID-19 Student Vaccination Survey

Following in the footsteps of such music mega-stars as Mariah Carey and Britney Spears, some 7,000 teenage students in Canyons District may soon have the opportunity to get the COVID-19-fighting jab at school and during school hours. Thanks to a partnership with the Salt Lake County Health Department, COVID-19 student

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CSD Begins Taking Applications for Canyons Online, CSD’s New Tech-Driven Innovation

Canyons is powering up its personalized-learning options with the pending launch of Canyons Online, a technology-driven educational initiative recently approved by the Canyons Board of Education.  Starting in fall 2021, Canyons Online will be the CSD program through which high-quality online classes will be provided to third- through 12th-grade students. Licensed teachers with advanced training in the

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A Community Celebration: Union Middle School Groundbreaking

Among the most distinguishing features of Union Middle School are its expansive, grassy playfields, a community asset that will carry forward when the campus is rebuilt.  Not only will there be freshly-planted green space to the west of the new school when it’s completed in the fall of 2023, the

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