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Canyons District Now Accepting Utah Fits All Scholarships

You’ve enrolled in a private school with no football team, marching band, or robotics program. You’re homeschooling and wanting hands-on exposure to engineering, woodworking, or drone aviation. Or, maybe you want to graduate early with online courses you complete at your own pace.

Look no further than Canyons School District, which is now approved to accept Utah Fits All Scholarships.

Canyons is now accepting UFA Scholarship, or voucher, payments from middle and high school students who are interested in taking advantage of the District’s menu of core classes, electives, and extracurricular activities. Prices for enrollment and participation are as follows:

  • $250 per quarter of credit
  • $500 per semester per class
  • $1,000 per class per year
  • $250 per Canyons Virtual Academy course
  • $250 entry fee per activity (sports, arts, and extra-curriculars), plus any required fees for equipment, uniforms, etc.

If a sport or activity is sponsored as part of an actual class at the school, the scholarship holder will have to pay for the course, plus the entry fee and any associated fees.

“We’re proud of our track record and, as a public school system, we’re committed to welcoming all students who want to come to Canyons,” said Canyons Superintendent Dr. Rick Robins. “As a Utah Fits All provider, we’re able to continue the tradition of helping students personalize their learning to meet their interests and needs.”

Canyons’ schools and special programs have always provided families with educational choices, and continues to be the school district of choice for students from both within and outside our boundaries. Ranked the No. 1 school district in Utah by Public School Review, CSD also tops the charts in Salt Lake County, according to Niche.com.

One in five, or about 23 percent of CSD’s 33,000 students are enrolled on school-choice permits. Of those, about 1,200 come from outside the District.

That’s without considering Canyons Virtual Academy, which, in its 13 years as a fully accredited and state-certified online education provider, has served tens of thousands of Utah high school students as far north as Logan and as far south as St. George. The school also now enrolls students in the sixth through 12th grades.

“For voucher students, we’ve intentionally kept the price of enrollment competitive, understanding students will also need to have a computing device,” said Canyons Virtual Academy Principal Amy Boettger.

Students often use Canyons Virtual Academy to free up their regular school schedule for more electives. Or, they may use it to graduate early or stay on track with their learning from remote locations.

“We had one student take our courses so she could take advantage of an early-admission offer at Utah State University,” said Boettger. “We work with student athletes who have to travel a lot to compete or students who are being hospitalized. For these students, we are a learning lifeline.”

Per state law, there are limits to the number of courses voucher students can take through CSD in a given year before reaching full-time status. If a student enrolls in the equivalent of 50 percent of a school’s schedule, they will forfeit their scholarship. See this website for more details.

Taking advantage of Utah Fits All enrollment opportunities in Canyons is easy:

  1. Choose a course from CSD’s middle or high school course catalogs
  2. Call the counseling office at the school you’re interested in attending to see if they offer the course and have room in the class
  3. Enroll with the counselor and pay the invoiced fees through the Class Wallet app

Enrollment is granted for individual classes if space is available. If your first choice of school doesn’t have openings for a particular class, contact CSD’s Admissions Office for assistance in finding a comparable course at another CSD school. The Admissions Office can be reached at 801-826-5031.

For more information, please fill out this interest form or visit our list of answers to frequently-asked questions.

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