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Skyward / True Time

All hourly employees use Skyward/True Time to enter hours for payment of work provided.

  • For Login or computer issues (Login won’t work, etc), call the IT Helpdesk: 801-826-5544
  • For Payroll issues (timesheet problems, etc), call Payroll: 801-826-5595

Submit your timesheet weekly, on the last day that you will work that week.   

  • Even if the month ends in the middle of the week, do not submit your timesheet until the last day that you will work that week.  
  • You will not be able to clock-in the rest of the week if you submit your timesheet before Friday.

Approvers must approve timesheets weekly.  

  • Timesheets that are not submitted and approved by the time payroll is run cannot be paid until the following payday.
  • We do not contact you concerning unsubmitted or unapproved timesheets.

Paper Timesheets

How do I fill out a timesheet? Paper Timesheet Guidelines

When are timesheets due? Timesheets should be filled out and handed in to your school or department secretary on the last working day of the month

What is my hourly rate? This information is available via Skyward Employee Access.  For instructions CLICK HERE

Which timesheet should I use? Please see information below…


ESP Contracted Employee (Administrative Assistants, Custudial Staff or Nutrition)

  • If I am a contracted worker and I have extra hours to be paid (Under 40 hours)? Download  Canyons Timesheet
  • If I am a contracted worker and I have extra hours to be paid overtime (Over 40 hours)? Download  Overtime Timesheet

Licensed Contracted Employees and Athletic Coaches

  • If I’m a teacher and I’m going to extra classes, seminars and workshops? Download  Stipend Timesheet
  • If I’m helping with high school after-hour activities? Contact Tamara Bostic in School Performance at 801-826-5141.
  • If I’m an athletic coach?