We can answer your retirement questions and help you understand the benefits that are available to you as an employee of the Canyons School District.  We also host annual retirement seminars.  Start planning today for your retirement!

Janet EkenstamRetirement Specialist801 826-5368

Retirement Managed by URS

Canyons School District partners with Utah Retirement Systems (URS) to provide a retirement for our retirees.  Call them directly at 801-366-7770 or go to their website

Special Retirement offered from JSD (GASB)

If you worked for Jordan School District prior to 2006 you may be eligible for additional retirement income.  Contact the Retirement Specialist for details.

CSD Sick Leave Benefit

Canyons School District offers a retirement payment for unused sick days starting with the days you accrued since July 1, 2009 less any days used during that time including donations to the sick bank.  Payment is $100 for 25% of the remaining days. See the District Policy.

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