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Canyons School District offers 403(b) savings plans which are similar to a 401(K) but allows you to invest outside of the URS.

The District has an approved list of 403b vendors located under Forms. They have been given strict  guidelines for working within the School District. 

  • They are allowed to meet with employees on school property outside of school hours as long as they do not solicit additional meetings while on the property and if they have permission from the school principal or department administrator.  
  • The District will allow only passive communication to employees (flyers, web presentations or group presentations as arranged by the principal or department administrator). 
  • All communication with employees on District property must be approved by the Principal or Department Administrator.

2020 403(b) Limits 


Additional $6,500 catch up for over 50 yrs.

NOTE:  The 401(k) Limit is combined with the 403(b) limit.