Insurance After Retirement (Cobra)


Cobra gives employees and their families who lose insurance benefits the right to choose to continue coverage under the group health plan benefits. 

Insurance ends the last day of the month in which you retire.  If your contract pays through the summer, your insurance will end August 31.  The effective date for Cobra will be the day following the last date of coverage.

PEHP will continue to administer the plan and Discovery Benefits will manage the Cobra.  The Cobra paperwork will be mailed to you between the middle of the month you terminate and the middle of the first month of coverage.

You will have 60 days from the date of the Cobra notification to elect coverage.  Once you elect and pay the Cobra premium, your Cobra benefits will backdate to the last date of District insurance.  For example, coverage ends 8/31 but you don’t receive the paperwork until 9/15, once you get set up with Discovery Benefits, the Cobra effective date would be 9/1.  

Cobra insurance is offered for up to 18 months or until you are eligible for Medicare.  You can drop it at any time, so if you only need it for one month, you may drop it at the end of that month.  The insurance is ala carte. You can pick and choose what coverage you want and who you want on it.  You can choose just dental coverage for your spouse and nothing else, or you can continue all coverages for all members of your family.

Contact Information

Wex Health

Phone: 866-451-3399



Cobra rates are 2% above the full insurance premium.  You can Cobra medical, dental, vision and flex insurance.  Download the rate sheet from forms.

Special Insurance if you worked for JSD prior to 2006 (GASB)

If you had a contract with Jordan School District prior to 2006 and have worked continuously since, you may be eligible for insurance beyond the 18 months of Cobra.

After the 18 months runs out, you and your covered family members could continue medical coverage at a cost of 110% of the full insurance premium for an additional 6 months.  At the end of the 6 months, you would then transition to the Retiree Insurance at a cost of 174% of the current full medical insurance premium until the covered person turns 65.  Contact the Retirement Specialist for additional information and rates.