Film Festival Categories

There are four levels of Festival competition: Elementary, Middle, High School, and Teacher. Students will only compete against other students in their grade level category.
​There are six film categories and a poster contest participants may enter:

  1. Short Film (5 minutes or less)
  2. Documentary (5 minutes or less)
  3. Animation (3 minutes or less)
  4. PSA (1 minute or less)
  5. Newscast (5 minutes or less)

     6.    Teacher Film (any category)

​*Note: The Annual Canyons District Film Festival is open to Canyons School District students and teachers.


Length: 5 minutes or less
Definition: Fictional video made on any topic.  Storyline, setting and characters can be based on real people, places and events but are fictional in nature.
Examples: Young Sloppy Brush, Fwd: FORWARD


Length: 5 minutes or less
Definition: A movie that provides a factual record or report
Examples: My Veteran “E”, Burrito Project: SLC


Length: 3 minutes or less
Definition: Animation is the rapid display of a sequence of images of 2-D or 3-D artwork or model positions in order to create an illusion of movement. – Wikipedia
Examples: The Cloning Machine, Skittles Magic


Length: 1 minute or less
Definition: A Public Service Announcement (PSA) is an advertisement broadcast for the public interest. PSAs are intended to modify public attitudes by raising awareness about specific issues. – Wikipedia
Examples: Rabies Awareness, 80’s Anti-Drug Commercial


Length: 5 minutes or less
Definition: A radio or television broadcast of news reports.
Example: The Falcon Report


Length: See categories above
Definition: A film created by a classroom teacher.
This film can fall under any of the five categories listed above.  Students in the teacher’s class can be used in the film.
Example: To Act or Not To Act


Click here for more information about participating in the Film Festival poster contest.

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