Logo Usage

Acceptable Logo Usage

An integral part of Canyons School District’s brand is the district’s logos. Adherance to the guidelines for the use of Canyons District’s logo helps maintain the clarity and distinctiveness of the brand.  No additional logos, symbols, icons, or graphic marks may be used to represent the district.

Logo usage questions or requests can be sent to creative@canyonsdistrict.org

Canyons Color Logo Square

Logo Suite Downloads

The use of the Canyons School District logo is only appropriate for approved channels. Do not use the logo for personal or outside business reasons.  Businesses that do not have official affiliations expressly approved by the Office of Public Communications are prohibited from using the official Canyons School District logo.

Logo Color Variations

When possible, use of the five-color version of the district logo is recommended. The acceptable one-color variations of the logo are black and white.

Canyons Black Logo Square
Canyons Black Logo Long-01
Canyons White Logo Square