1st Annual Canyons District Film Festival (2010)

Congratulations to the winners of the 1st Annual Canyons District Film Festival! Check out the winning movies as well as a list of participants below!

*Note: We are currently working on gathering all of the winning films from 2010. If your film was a winner, please email Katie Blunt at kathryn.blunt@canyonsdistrict.org to get your film posted on this page.

1st Annual Canyons District Film Festival -- Heroes and Legends

Elementary PSA ​(Public Service Announcement)

“Say NO to Alcohol” – Maddi Fielding, Koralynn Lanier – Crescent Elementary

“Earthquake Preparedness” – Tyler Slater – Ridgecrest Elementary

Secondary PSA ​(Public Service Announcement)

“No Capes” – Gabe Farrer, Chandler Lamberton, Shawn Eixenburger, Charlie Duersing – Albion Middle

“Heroes Against Smoking” – Anton Nielson – Crescent View Middle

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