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CSD Reading Corner - Reading at Home

Learning to read is a joint effort between families and teachers. Adults can reinforce learning to read and build comprehension at home through structured practices such as:

Dyad Reading

Dyad reading is a research based reading strategy where  two students (or a student and a parent) share one text, sit side-by-side and read together.  To learn how to use Dyad reading at home, watch the following video and download the attached resource.  

Daily Reading

Daily Reading– Read with your student every day for 20-30 minutes. Adults can read to their students, students can read to adults and students can read independently. Guide students through their reading by asking comprehension questions, for example, tell me the names of the characters in the story, or share with me how the text ended.  Use your finger to track under each word when reading with your child. 

    • Make reading part of the home daily routine:
      • First thing in the morning
      • After lunch
      • Before dinner
      • Before bedtime