Responsive Services

Responsive Services Department

Our mission is to to ensure each student is safe, healthy and ready to learn!

Responsive Services includes prevention, intervention, and postvention services for students and families. District and school professionals provide equitable resources for students, families, teachers, and administrators especially those who are experiencing challenges that create barriers to student wellness and achievement. Using a whole child approach and striving to improve the overall school climate and safety are a vital part of the comprehensive school program’s success.

BJ WellerResponsive Services Director801-826-5148
Chanci LoranProgram Administrator801-826-5149
Nicole MorganAdministrative Assistant801-826-5021
Denisse BritoAdministrative Assistant801-826-5416
Torilyn GillettSchool Counseling Specialist801-826-5096
Karen BrownSchool Psychologist Specialist801-826-5163
Wayne TriceSchool Social Work Specialist801-826-5119
Jen GerrardSchool Nurse Specialist385-302-0024
Victoria RomeroPrevention Specialist801-826-5187
Elizabeth BehrensMTSS Specialist 
Katie CampbellMTSS Specialist 
Suzanne RenPeer Court/Truancy Mentor801-826-5072
Jessi BodellIntervention Mentor801-826-5021
Suzanne DodenbierIntervention Mentor801-826-5021
Debbie OliverIntervention Mentor801-826-5021
Andrea Bangerter-RobertsIntervention Mentor801-826-5021
Lisa StearnsIntervention Mentor801-826-5021
JoAnn LarsenHome and Hospital801-826-5506
Wade HarmanHome and Hospital801-826-9954