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Canyons School District is committed to providing safe, clean, healthy, well-maintained buildings for our students, staff and the public. To this end and in accordance with Utah Admin. Code R392-200-7 (12), it is the policy of Canyons School District to manage pests in and around schools in a manner that protects human health, maintains the integrity of school buildings and grounds, and preserves the environment.

What is "Integrated Pest Management"?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an ecologically based management strategy that provides long-term solutions to pest problems with minimum impact on human health and the environment. IPM is heavily reliant upon monitoring for possible pests, pest prevention through education of faculty and staff, improved sanitation and mechanical means such as pest-proofing buildings.

IPM Forms

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CSD IPM Plan 2.85 MB68105-13-2020 Download
IPM Inspection Log 241.21 KB64805-13-2020 Download
IPM Pest Monitoring Log 212.90 KB65405-13-2020 Download
IPM Pesticide Application Log 217.09 KB63905-13-2020 Download
IPM Pesticide Use Form 216.61 KB62205-13-2020 Download
Notice of Pesticide Application 199.86 KB66105-13-2020 Download