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Sq. Ft. Cleaned Daily
Acres of Grass Mowed, Edged and Trimmed Weekly
Name Position Phone
Kevin Kelson Custodial/Grounds Coordinator 801-826-5175
Todd Muir Custodial Trainer 801-826-5128
Brent Markus Custodial Specialist, North Area 801-448-4066
Joe Marriott Custodial Specialist, South Area 801-541-6342
Kelly Smolik Grounds Lead 801-826-5113
Lola Lepsic Administrative Assistant 801-826-5185
Monique Lewis AM Part Time Administrative Assistant 801-826-5038
Becky Mason PM Part Time Administrative Assistant 801-826-5114

Mission Statement

In the Custodial/Grounds Department we
strive for simplicity, valuing competence and a
job done right.  Foremost, we take pride in our
work and in our buildings that have been
entrusted to our care.

Belief Statements

  • We Believe our three primary responsibilities are to provide a safe, clean, well-maintained environment for all who use our facilities.
  • We Believe in cleaning for health first and then for appearance.
  • We Believe in a systematic cleaning approach.
  • We Believe in high-performance cleaning and verify the results with quantitative methods.
  • We Believe in the Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) and fully comply with their standards.
  • We Believe in using chemicals and processes that are respectful to the environment.
  • We Believe in Integrated Pest Management and fully comply with IPM standards.
  • We Believe in utilizing Canyons School District’s assets and budgets in a professional and ethical manner.
  • We Believe the Canyons Custodial Education Program provides an excellent training resource for our custodians.
  • We Believe custodians are a vital part of the education system.
  • We Believe all custodians should be treated with dignity and respect.
  • We Believe in providing a service worthy of recognition.