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CTE News


Corner Canyon High School students participated in the freshwood woodworking competition on July 19, 2019, as part of AWFS Fair, a huge North America wide woodworking tradeshow .  They did exceptional!  A few links below to understand the scope of AWFS, and then our winners.
Welcome to AWFS Fair

Woodworking’s most innovative and exciting trade event of 2019 brings the future into focus—and the picture’s better than ever! For the products, equipment, tools and solutions that will propel your business forward, attend AWFS®Fair 2019, July 17 – 20 in Las Vegas. The industry’s expanding, we’re expanding—let us help you grow, too. Share This:


Braxton Zarbock
      Rosetta (acoustic guitar)
2nd Place winner Open Category


Keaton Carter    
Serenity (acoustic guitar)
1st Place winner Open Category


Spencer Johnson      Visions of Rythm (dining table)
1st Place, Tables category


Nice work students!