Work-Based Learning (WBL)

"Career Exploration Opportunities"

Work-Based Learning gives students the opportunity to see how classroom instruction connects to the world of work and future career opportunities.  The Canyons Work-Based Learning facilitators plan and implement a variety of activities throughout the district at every grade level.  These activities support students in developing career awareness, exploring career options, developing appropriate workplace skills, and relating academic skills to real-world applications.

Work-Based Learning activities include:

  • Apprenticeships
  • Career Fairs
  • Clinical Work Experiences
  • Cooperative Work Experiences
  • Field Studies
  • Guest Speakers
  • Job Shadows
  • Reality Town
  • Service Learning
  • Student Internships
  • Career Day
  • Vehicle Day
WBL Facilitators High SchoolsMiddle SchoolsPhone
Janet Jefferson ALTAIndian Hills801-826-5666
Eileen Kasteler BRIGHTONAlbion, Butler801-826-5842
Chris Morgan CORNER CANYONDraper Park801-826-6543
Cher Burbank HILLCRESTMidvale, Union801-826-6047
Lisa Willis JORDANEastmont, Mt. Jordan801-826-6255