Student Support Services

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Services Offered:         

  • At Risk Prevention
  • Crisis Support
  • Counseling Services
  • Health and Nursing Services
  • Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS)
  • Student Discipline/Intervention/Appeals
  • Truancy and Compulsory Education
  • 504 Accommodations

Student Support Services Directory people                              78-4.png facebook.png

Name Position Phone
Tamra Baker Director 801-826-5148
Heather Andersen Administrative Assistant 801-826-5021
Jan Williams Administrative Assistant 801-826-5066
Lizbeth Velazquez Prevention & Intervention Coordinator 801-826-5119
Suzanne Ren Truancy Specialist 801-826-5072
Torilyn Gillett CCP Coordinator 801-826-5096
Sally Goodger Lead District Nurse 801-493-9105
Jamal Willis Student Support Specialist 801-826-5149
Dr. Edy McGee Administrator 801-826-5154
Lexi Griffiths Intervention Facilitator (part-time) 801-826-5119
Mary Wilde Student Support Classroom Teacher Specialist 801-826-6686


Department of Student Support Services includes prevention, intervention, and postvention services for students and families. District and school professionals provide resources for administrators, teachers, families, and students, especially those who are experiencing challenges that create barriers to student wellness and achievement. These services may include: individual assessment, behavioral and health support, counseling, crisis management, mediation, and restorative justice. Behavioral, health, and safety supports are a vital part of a comprehensive school program's success.