Mission Statementtransportation

"We are professional and caring employees, providing safe, dependable and efficient transportation, contributing to a positive learning environment."

Transportation office phone number: 801-826-5252

In the event your students bus is late (typically more than 15 minutes) please call our dispatchers at 801-826-5252 and they will give you a route update.


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Transportation Office Directory

Transportation Department Main Phone Number 801-826-5252
Jeremy Wardle Director of Transportation 801-826-5275
Pam Sorensen Administrative Assistant 801-826-5251
Jeremy/Pam Fax   801-826-5279
Dispatchers   801-826-5252
Daniela Sowle Receptionist/Dispatch 801-826-5267
Becky Ellis Dispatch/Field Trips 801-826-5262
Marcia Hanson Dispatch/Field Trips 801-826-5259
Mykelynn Bryson Field Trips/Dispatch 801-826-5273
Matt Curtis Field Trips/Dispatch 801-826-5256
Dispatchers Main Phone Number 801-826-5273
Routing Department    
Lorraine Miles Special Ed Route Coordinator 801-826-5263
Jeff Wren Regular Ed Route Coordinator 801-826-5264
Kim McDaniel Routing Assistant 801-826-5272
Patrick Christensen Routing Analyst 801-826-5253
Jaylinn Stowell Routing Analyst 801-826-5285
Training & Service Shop    
Lonny Wilkins Trainer 801-826-5274
Patsy Richins Assistant Trainer 801-826-5258
Training Fax   801-826-5257
Rick Hoggard Shop Foreman 801-826-5265

All of Our Facts

Regular Route Drivers

                  169 Total Drivers

Support Staff

                  27 Total Support Staff including Mechanics, Trainers, Dispatchers and Routers


                  Our fleet consists of:

                                    74 Wheelchair buses

                                    93 Regular buses

                                    222 District Support vehicles and Drivers Ed cars

2800 Average services a year including oil changes, engine overhauls, tires, brakes, body work, and other preventive maintenance on buses and district support fleet.

Utah Highway Patrol Bronze award for outstanding bus maintenance 2010-2011

                                    Utah Highway Patrol Silver award for outstanding bus maintenance 2011-2012

Schools and Students

                  Schools Served

                                    4 High Schools

                                    5 Specialty Schools including the Tech Centers and Jordan Valley

                                    8 Middle Schools

                                    29 Elementary Schools which includes 6 Preschool programs

                  Field Trips

                                    2,624 Field Trips

                                    57,876 Total Field Trip Miles

                  Students Served

                                    14,591 Total Students Transported

                  Route Information

                                    12,743 Daily Mileage

                                    65,636 Daily Driving Minutes

                                    2,293,740 Total Number of Miles in a Year

                                    11,814,480 Total Number of Minutes Driven in a Year

Driver Training

                  All of our drivers and staff go through approximately 10 hours of classroom training a year which covers topics such as CPR, First Aid, and other safety training.  Our drivers also go through defensive driving courses and behind the wheel training every year.