Nursing Services

The Mission of Canyons District Nursing Services is to support students’ academic success by promoting the health status of students and by identifying and assisting in the elimination or modification of health-related barriers to learning. School nurses play an important role in the health of students and can provide them with daily and emergency health care support during the school day. This can help students avoid unnecessary absences and reach their full academic potential.

Nursing Forms

Name Title Phone
BJ Weller Director 801-826-5148
Denisse Brito Administrative Assistant 801-826-5416
Jen Gerrard School Nurse Specialist 385-302-0024
Tara Aka School Nurse 385-261-9331
Megan Best School Nurse 385-522-4580
Renee Beus School Nurse 385-302-0026
Carolee Boam School Nurse 385-302-0027
Kylie Burr School Nurse 385-386-1195
Jennifer Chase School Nurse 385-261-9359
Angela Despain School Nurse 385-465-5537
Amy Evans School Nurse 385-386-1196
Sally Goodger School Nurse 801-493-9105
DeDee Madsen School Nurse 801-301-6395
Suzanne Madsen School Nurse 801-557-2286
Nancy Purcell School Nurse 801-301-6396
Emma Maxwell School Nurse 385-266-4080
Amber Spillett School Nurse 385-522-1287
Suzan Tibbitts School Nurse 801-493-9106
Krista Daynes School Nurse 385-226-6710
Dena Stop School Nurse 385-226-4247
Heather Ridge School Nurse 385-329-7390
Hillary Young School Nurse 385-266-3649

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