Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment Students are enrolled simultaneously in public school and in a home school or a regularly established private school. (Utah Admin Code R277-494 & R277-438).

  1. A full time student wishing to dual enroll in both home school and public school must:
    1. Complete a Home School Affidavit and submit it to the Department of Planning and Enrollment.
    2. Receive the Home School Affidavit copy in the mail.
    3. Withdraw from his/her full time schedule at the school.
    4. Complete the dual enrollment application (dual enrollment application).
    5. Submit a copy, to the school, of the acknowledged home school affidavit you received in the mail.
    6. Re-enroll in a schedule less than half time at their boundary school.
    7. Be enrolled in Home School at least more than half time to maintain your Home School status.

Dual Enrollment Law:  Utah Code 53G-6-702

    1. A person having control of a minor under this part who is enrolled in a regularly established private school or a home school may also enroll the minor in a public school for dual enrollment purposes.
    2. The minor may participate in any academic activity in the public school available to students in the minor’s grade or age group, subject to compliance with the same rules and requirements that apply to a full-time student’s participation in the activity.
    3. Except as otherwise provided in Sections 53G-6-202 and 53G-6-204, a student enrolled in a public school may also be enrolled in a private school or a home school for dual enrollment purposes.
    4. A student enrolled in a dual enrollment program is considered a student of the district in which the public school of attendance is located.

Amended by Chapter 382, 2008 General Session


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