Professional Development Credit

The Canyons School District recognizes the value of a competent, professionally trained educational staff. The Board authorized establishment of a Local Professional Improvement Committee (LPIC) comprised of teachers, building administrators, and district administrators to encourage, guide, and reward the professional development of staff members.

The LIPC reviews all individual professional development requests for credit. This committee meets once each month to review professional development plans and requests for lane change credit. 

The process for receiving credit is as follows:

  1. Approval
    1. Determine whether project requires pre-approval using the Professional Learning Matrix (available below). If pre-approval is required, proceed through approval process.
    2. Fill out the Professional Learning and Development application.
    3. Meet with your administrator or supervisor to obtain his/her approval.
    4. Send completed application with the required supporting documentation to the Instructional Supports Department.
    5. The committee reviews requests in the first week of each month.
    6. Educators are notified of the status of submitted requests via email within one week of committee meeting.
  2. Complete the project or training.
  3. Submit for Credit
    1. Following completion of project, submit LPIC Accountability and Summary form to the Instructional Supports Department.
    2. Credit will be recorded into the LPIC database. Educator will receive notification of posting.
    3. If eligible for an education enhancement change, fill out an education enhancement change form and submit to Human Resources

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