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AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination)

AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is a college-preparatory elective currently offered to students at Mt. Jordan Middle School, Eastmont Middle School and Jordan High School in Canyons School District. The course is based on national curriculum designed to accelerate the academic performance of the least served population in public schools: students in the academic middle—those who have average to high test scores and earn B and C grades in their classes. As AVID participants, “average” students raise their academic achievement and realize their tremendous academic potential. Nationwide, 90% of AVID participants go on to college every year.Students are specially selected to participate in AVID after an application process. Those who are admitted to the program begin taking the AVID elective course and continue through their senior year of high school. In the AVID elective class, students learn organizational and analytical skills, focusing special attention on the five pillars of AVID’s “WICOR” curriculum: writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization and reading. The ultimate objective of this curriculum is to develop students’ ability to think critically and ask higher-order questions—skills that will be key to their academic success in college, the workplace, and the world.


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Adopted Curriculum


The AVID elective class meets during the regular school day and is part of each AVID student’s schedule. All AVID elective sections follow the same weekly schedule, with curriculum days, group tutorial days, and motivational activities. On the curriculum days, teachers focus on the AVID “WICOR” methodologies: writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization and reading. In addition, the curriculum days help students develop their abilities to take notes, manage time, set goals, and study effectively. On tutorial days, students prepare questions on challenging material in their core classes, present these questions to each other in small groups, and work collaboratively to help everyone understand each presented problem. The tutorial groups are facilitated by specially trained college students and recent graduates. In Socratic Seminar and Philosophical Chairs activities, which may be held on curriculum days or tutorial days, students learn how to discuss difficult issues and support their opinions with evidence. Students participate in motivational and team-building activities, including college and career activities, guest speeches by college representatives and local professionals, and field trips to colleges and universities. 

AVID Curriculum: Using AVID’s “WICOR” curriculum, which focuses on writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization and reading, students learn and practice their analytical skills. They also learn how to take notes, manage time, set goals, and organize their schoolwork.

Tutorials: Students prepare questions from their core classes and present them in small groups during inquiry-based tutorials facilitated by college students and recent graduates.

Special Activities: Students submit binders for grading, participate in team-building activities, listen to guest speakers, and go on field trips to local colleges and universities.


Professional Development

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AVID group tutorials, which occur once a week in AVID elective classes, are facilitated by current college students and recent college graduates who have been specially trained in AVID tutorial methodology. If you are interested in becoming a tutor, please contact Bryn Cook, AVID District Coordinator, at 801.826.5138. 



AVID is a full-year academic elective. AVID is available in grades 6-12. The application and interview process for an academic year generally occurs in February and March of the previous academic year; however, school programs may accept students midway through the year if the program is not fully enrolled. For example, 7th-graders who want to join AVID in 8th grade should apply in February of their 7th-grade year. If a student is already an 8th-grader and wishes to join AVID, the student may apply to join AVID midway through the 8th-grade year (if there are openings in the course), or the student may apply in February of their 8th-grade year to join AVID at the beginning of their 9th-grade year.  

Application Instructions 

To apply, students may request AVID applications from the counseling center of Mt. Jordan Middle School, Eastmont Middle School or Jordan High School. (Currently, these are the three schools with AVID programs in Canyons School District.) If students already attend one of these schools they must submit their completed applications to their assigned school counselor. If students are applying to join AVID at a school they have not previously attended, they may submit the AVID application to the counseling center of the school they plan to attend. Applicants to the program will be contacted by an AVID teacher who will set up an interview. After students are interviewed, they will be notified of the program’s admission decision.  

Application Steps for Students 

1. Request an AVID application from the counseling center of Mt. Jordan Middle School, Eastmont Middle School or Jordan High School
2. Complete the application, including your GPA information
3. Submit the application to your counselor or to the counseling center of the school you will attend
4. Interview with AVID teachers
5. Receive admission decision

Contact Us

Bryn Cook – AVID District Coordinator 

AVID Elective Teachers

Landon Smith – Mount Jordan (Site Coordinator)

Jay Rudel – Mount Jordan (6th Grade)

Melissa Wilkes – Mount Jordan (7th Grade)

Lauren Adams – Mount Jordan (7th Grade)

Kory Crockett – Mount Jordan (8th Grade)

Joseph Olson – Mount Jordan (8th Grade) 

Sarah Exon – Eastmont (AVID 2/Site Coordinator)

Philippe Vanier – Eastmont (AVID 1)

Michele Law – Eastmont (6th Grade) 

Charlotte Lartey – Jordan High (10th Grade/12th Grade/Site Coordinator)

Jacob Chalmers – Jordan High (9th Grade/11th Grade)

Geordie Mcleod – Jordan High (9th Grade)

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