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Policy 600.06 – School Library Media Selection and Review

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Board Policy

  1. The policy of the Board of Education is to assure every student access to a library that offers a variety of materials to support classroom instruction, provides opportunities for research, and meets differing educational and recreational reading and interests.  Students shall be encouraged to use library  materials to expand their knowledge, understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of the world in which they live.
  2. The  First Amendment of the United States Constitution guides the Canyons School District libraries in both selection of materials and review of challenged materials.  The First Amendment states:  “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press…”
  3. The Board delegates responsibility for developing regulations for administering this policy to the District Administration, subject to review and approval by the Board.



Definitions - 600.06-1

  1. Teacher Librarian: a licensed employee with a master’s degree or endorsement in library science assigned to teach at a school.  
  2. Media Instructional Technician (elementary): an ESP employee working under the supervision of a principal and District Library Specialist assigned to manage the library. 
  3. Media Assistant (secondary): an ESP employee media aide that performs a variety of services in the school library under the direction of the teacher librarian. 
  4. Library Staff: teacher librarians, media instructional technicians, and media assistant employees working in CSD school libraries.  
  5. “School Committee”: A school committee shall include a school administrator, a  licensed teacher, a teacher librarian or the District Library Specialist for media instructional technician/assistants, two parent representatives, and a student representative where appropriate, at the discretion of the school administrator. 
    1. Parent representatives will be selected with input from the school administrator and the teacher librarian and will serve for one year.
    2. A challenger to library materials shall not serve on the School Committee.
  6. “District Appeal Committee”: The District Appeal Committee shall include the Director of Instructional Supports or designee, a member of School Performance, a licensed teacher, a teacher librarian representing the school level from the challenge comes, the District Library Specialist, and three parent/legal guardians from the feeder system.  The District Committee will be established according to need.
  7. Challenger to Library Materials: an active student, a parent/legal guardian of a student attending the school, a staff member or administrator of the school.
  8. “Weeding”:  the systematic removal of resources from a library based on selected criteria.



Acquisition; Weeding; Inventory of Library Collection - 600.06-2


  1. Selection of all purchased or donated library materials shall be based on a combination of three or more of the following criteria:
    1. Educational significance
    2. Contribution to the curriculum
    3. Validity, currency and appropriateness
    4. Accuracy, timeliness and permanence
    5. Favorable reviews, recommendations, and/or award nominees found in standard selection sources or from professional personnel
    6. Potential appeal and interest
    7. Recreational reading needs of students
    8. Artistic quality and literary style
    9. Reputation and significance of author, producer, publisher
    10. Uniqueness, diversity and /or heritage of the state, region or community
    11. Support of second language learners
    12. Support of special needs students
  2. The Selection of library materials at the school level is under the direction of the teacher librarian (secondary) and District Library Specialist in conjunction with media instructional technicians (elementary).   While library staff are responsible and deeply involved the selection of library materials, it is not possible for library staff to read or view all library materials.  In making selections for materials, input from reliable sources is considered (See, Section 1 above).     
  3. Library materials are available on a self-selection basis.   Library staff or other school personnel may assist  in recommending library materials.
    1. Reading lists are available from many sources, and are not necessarily endorsed by the teacher librarian, school administration or district personnel.
    2. Responsibility for reading, listening and viewing library  materials rests with the  individual student and their parent/legal guardian.
    3. Library staff are available to consult with students and their parent/legal guardian to find appropriate materials.  Staff is not responsible for the final selection.  



Parental Restriction of Individual Student Access - 600.06-3

  1. The District recognizes the rights of parents under state law to restrict their child’s access to materials the parent deems inappropriate (See, §53G-10-202, §53G-10-203, §53G-10-205). However, no parent has right to make that decision on behalf of other students. (See, Section 600-4, below). A parent desiring to restrict their own child’s access to specific library materials shall submit the request in writing to library staff at the school the child is attending.
  2. If the material is required as part of classroom curriculum activities, the parent must follow the procedure for a waiver of participation contained in Policy 600.2—Curriculum Adoption.



School Level Challenged Library Materials - 600.06-4

A parent/legal guardian desiring action beyond restricting their own chi­­ld’s access to a particular book or material contained in the library of the school his/her child attends may challenge the placement of the item through the Challenge of Library Materials process.  This process shall not apply to primary instructional materials used by a classroom teacher.   Those materials are governed by an adoption process by the Board of Education (See, Policy 600.02—Curriculum Adoption).  

School Level Challenge

  1. A challenger must submit a completed School Level Challenge of Library Materials Form (Form) to the school’s library professional.
  2. Upon receipt of the completed Form, the library professional will notify the District Supervisor of the request and call a meeting of the (”School Committee”) to introduce the request.
  3. The material in question will remain in use during the challenge process.
  4. The school library professional will provide the School Committee members access to the challenged material as well as public written reviews of the material from professional review sources. The School Committee members will be assigned to read, view, or listen to the material in its entirety as well as the reviews.
  5. After being afforded time to review the material and reviews, the School Committee will reconvene, at which time the challenger has the option to meet with the School Committee to present his/her views. The School Committee will then excuse the challenger for deliberation.
  6. The School Committee will deliberate the issues and reach a decision. A decision is made by a majority vote. The School Committee will decide whether to retain the material in the library, or remove the material from the library.
  7. The challenger will be notified of the School Committee’s decision in writing within a reasonable time period, not more than ten (10) working days.
  8. The same material cannot be challenged for at least three (3) years on the same criteria.
  9. Any material that determined to be inappropriate at a school-level will be forwarded for review by the District-Level Review Team.



District Level Challenged Library Materials - 600.06-5

If a challenger is not satisfied with the decision of the School Committee, the challenger may appeal the decision through the District Level Challenge Appeal process.

  1. A challenger shall submit a written District Level Challenge Appeal along with a copy of the original Form within ten (10) school days of receiving the decision of the School Committee. The material in question will continue to be used as determined by the School Committee during the District Level Challenge Appeal process.
  2. The District Supervisor will convene the District Appeal Committee (“District Committee”) and provide them with access to the challenged material as well as public written reviews of the material from professional review sources.
  3. The District Committee members will read, view, or listen to the material in its entirety as well as the reviews.
  4. After being afforded time to review the material, the District Committee will reconvene, at which time, the challenger will be given the option to meet with the District Committee to present his/her views. The District Committee will excuse the challenger for Committee deliberations.
  5. The District Committee will decide whether to retain the material in the library, or remove the materials from the library.
  6. The District Committee will render a written decision to the challenger within ten (10) calendar days of meeting with the challenger.
  7. Following the District Committee decision there is no further administrative action.
  8. The same material cannot be challenged at the District level for at least three (3) years.



Document History

Revised – Policy – 600.06 – School Library Materials Selection and Review updated language for review committees, and to new procedures for acquisition and maintenance for library collections. The policy update also includes procedures for challenges of library materials at an individual school and the District. 

Adopted – 10.18.2005.


This online presentation is an electronic representation of the Canyons School District’s currently adopted policy manual. It does not reflect updating activities in progress. The official, authoritative manual is available for inspection in the office of the Superintendent located at 9361 South 300 East Sandy, UT 84070.