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Policy 600.02 – Curriculum Adoption

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Board Policy

  1. The Board of Education recognizes the need for and value of a systematic, ongoing program of curriculum development and adoption. The design and implementation of the curriculum will be consistent with the Board’s adopted mission and applicable goals, state laws, and State Board of Education rules. The Board deems it essential that the District regularly develop and update its curriculum to provide a common direction of action for all instruction and programmatic efforts in the District and to meet changing needs.   
  2. The Board supports adherence to an evidence-based curriculum that promotes continuity and cumulative acquisition of skills and knowledge from grade to grade and from school to school.
  3. While instructional differentiation is expected to occur to address the unique needs of specific students, that instruction and intervention will be derived in alignment with the State and Common Core standards. There will be equitable access to the curriculum for all students.   
  4. The Board authorizes the Superintendent and District Administration to establish administrative regulations consistent with this policy.



Curriculum Adoption and Review Committee - 600.02-1

  1. The District Administration establishes a Curriculum Adoption and Review Committee under the direction of the Director(s) of Instructional Supports Department (ISD).
  2. The Committee will meet to:
    1. Review and recommend evidence-based materials for use in Canyons District Schools. Materials on the State Textbook Adoption List will be considered.
    2. Review and recommend to the Board of Education all curricula used in Canyons’ schools and programs, including, but not limited to: selected literature, software and digital learning, materials used for original credit and credit recovery, supplemental texts, interventions, assessment for core instruction, positive behavioral materials, and pilot programs.
    3. Review challenges to curricular decisions that are not resolved at the local school level.
  3. The Committee may be called into special session as needed.
  4. Recommendations by the Committee will be forwarded to the Board of Education for their consideration and approval.
  5. The Committee, with the approval of the Director (s) of the Instructional Supports Department (ISD), will develop a set of guidelines and procedures to be used in conducting the business that is presented to the Committee for action and/or recommendations.
  6. The members of the Curriculum Adoption and Review Committee will be selected from and in representation of principals, teachers, instructional support specialists, information technology specialists, and other school and district personnel as appropriate according to assignment, subject matter expertise, and teacher specialists under the direction of the Directors (s) of Instructional Supports.   



Standards for Approved Texts; Curriculum Implementation; CSD Standards Media Use Guidelines - 600.02-2

Standards for Approved Texts:

  1. Please refer to Exhibit-1—CSD Standards for Approved Texts/List.

Curriculum Implementation:

  1. Please refer to Exhibit-2—Curriculum Implementation.

CSD Standards for Media Use Guidelines:  

  1. Please refer to Exhibit-3—CSD Standards Media Use Guidelines.



Curriculum Challenges; Requests for Waivers - 600.02-3

Challenges to Approved Curriculum:

  1. Challenges to approved curriculum shall be submitted in writing to the teacher and local school principal.
  2. The school principal in consultation with the Instructional Supports Department will review the curriculum challenge.
  3. Based on curriculum guidelines outlined in Exhibit -1 a decision shall be made regarding whether the challenged material will be maintained for classroom instruction.
  4. The decision of the principal and the Instructional Supports Department may be appealed to a District committee.

Requests for Waiver of Participation in School Activities:  (Parent/Guardian Rights)

  1. A parent, a legal guardian, or a secondary student may request a waiver of participation in any portion of the curriculum or school activity the party believes to be an infringement upon a right of conscience or the exercise of religious freedom in the following ways:
    1. It would require an affirmance or denial of a religious belief or right of conscience;
    2. It would require participation in a practice forbidden by a religious belief or practice, or right of conscience; or
    3. It would bar participation in a practice required by a religious belief or practice, or right of conscience.
  2. If a minor seeks a waiver of participation, the school shall promptly notify the student’s parent or legal guardian about the student’s choice. In the event of a conflict, a parent’s or legal guardian’s wishes shall prevail over those of a minor student.  
  3. A parent, guardian, or secondary student requesting a waiver may suggest an alternative that requires reasonably equivalent performance by the student of the objective of the curriculum or activity that is believed to be objectionable.
  4. In responding to a request for a waiver a school shall:
    1. Waive participation by the student in the objectionable curriculum or activity;
    2. Provide a reasonable alternative as suggested by the parent or secondary student, or other reasonable alternative developed in consultation with the requesting party, that will achieve the objectives of the portion of the curriculum or activity for which the waiver is sought; or
    3. Deny the request.
  5. A school shall not require an affected student to accept a sub-standard or educationally deficient alternative that is unreasonably burdensome.
  6. Permitting the submission of requests for participation waivers, and the provision of reasonable alternatives, is intended to facilitate appropriate protection and accommodation of a requesting party’s asserted right of conscience or exercise of religious freedom, and shall not be considered to be an attempt by a school official to endorse, promote or disparage a particular religious or non-religious viewpoint.





Document History

Adopted – 1.3.2012.

This online presentation is an electronic representation of the Canyons School District’s currently adopted policy manual. It does not reflect updating activities in progress. The official, authoritative manual is available for inspection in the office of the Superintendent located at 9361 South 300 East Sandy, UT 84070.