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600 - Instruction Policy

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Policy 600.15 – Research Approval Process and Surveys



Board Policy

  1. The Board encourages and supports research projects relating to the various functions of the District. The Board recognizes the value of current research data in the development of improved operational and instructional programs.
  2. The Board authorizes the Superintendent and District Administration to establish administrative regulations consistent with this policy.



Survey and Research Review Committee - 600.15-1

In recognition of the need to coordinate research efforts, the Administration shall appoint a Research Review Committee and delegate to the committee the responsibility for the review and approval of research project proposals.

  1. The Survey and Research Review Committee is comprised of the following:
    1. Assistant Superintendent;
    2. A School Performance Director or designee;
    3. Director of Research and Assessment;
    4. Director (s) of Instructional Supports (ISD) or designee;
    5. and other District staff and specialists as necessary.
  2. The Assistant Superintendent or designee will serve as chairperson of the Research Review Committee.
  3. Applicants requesting to conduct research projects shall submit to the Research Review Committee a completed Research Project application and a written proposal that outlines the purpose of the research, the methodology to be followed, the instruments to be used, and the anticipated benefits which shall accrue to the District upon completion of the research.
  4. The Research Review Committee shall review all research proposals to determine their overall educational value, impact on instructional time, impact on teacher’s planning or off contract time, and to evaluate research design.
  5. Canyons School District and our schools can only support a limited number of research projects at a given time. Therefore, current district employees that are seeking advanced degrees will be given a higher priority than outside researchers by the Research Review Committee.  



Research Regarding Sensitive Topics - 600.15-2

The Survey and Research Review Committee shall review all research proposals regarding sensitive topics consistent with federal and state FERPA guidelines:   

  1.  Prior written consent from parents or legal guardians is required in all grades, kindergarten through grade twelve, and must be obtained before students are asked to complete written assignments, answer questions, complete questionnaires or surveys, or take psychological or psychiatric examinations, tests, or treatments which reveal any of the following information about the student or the student’s family members, whether such information is personally identifiable or not:
    1. political affiliations or, except as provided for in state law, political philosophies;
    2. mental or psychological problems;
    3. sexual behavior, orientation, gender identity, or attitudes;
    4. illegal, anti-social, self-incriminating, or demeaning behavior;
    5. critical appraisal of individuals with whom the student or family member has close family relationships;
    6. religious affiliations or beliefs;
    7. legally recognized privileged and analogous relationships, such as those with lawyers, medical personnel, or ministers;
    8. or income, except as required by law. (See, §53E-9-203 (1)).
  2. Written parental consent is valid only if parent has been first given written notice, including notice that a copy of the educational or student survey questions to be asked of the student in obtaining the desired information is made available at the school, and a reasonable opportunity to obtain information concerning:
    1. Records or information, including information abourt relationships, that may be examined or requested;
    2. Means by which the records or information shall be examined or reviewed;
    3. The means by which the information is to obtained;
    4. The purposes for which the records or information are needed;
    5. The entities or persons, regardless of affiliation, who will have access to the personally identifiable information; and
    6. a method by which parent or student can grant permission to access or examine the personally identifiable information.
  3. In order for the prior written consent to be valid, parents/legal guardians must be given notification at least two (2) weeks before any sensitive information is solicited.
  4. The written notice must includes:
    1. The survey the District will administer to the parent’s student;
    2. The intended purposes and uses of the data collected;
    3. The types of persons or governmental entities that
      1. share the collected data, including a list of recipients who will receive the student-level data; 
      2. receive the data collected from a governmental entity on a regular or contractual basis and 
    4. the record series as defined in GRAMA (See, Section 63G-2-103) in which the data is or will be included, if applicable. 
    5. Following consideration by the Research Review Committee, formal notice of approval or disapproval shall be given to the applicant by the Committee chairperson.
    6. Administrators and department directors shall have the responsibility to coordinate approved research projects within their areas or departments in consultation with the Research Review Committee.
    7. Upon completion of a research project, whether or not the District participates in the funding, a copy of the findings, thesis, dissertation or other written report shall be submitted to Research and Assessment. The results of significant projects shall be reported to the Administrative Cabinet by the chairperson of the Research Review Committee.



Surveys - 600.15-3

  1. At annual student registration, the District will obtain prior written consent for the following:
    1. Surveys related to an early warning system described in 53F-4-207;
    2. Surveys that include social emotional learning questions; and
    3. the school climate survey as described in 53G-8-802.   
  2. The District or a school may not use prior written consent obtained from a different school or District for a student who transfers after the beginning of the school year. For such students, a new prior written consent must be obtained.
  3. The District or a school may not provide: 
    1. a reward for a student’s participation in any psychological or psychiatric examination, text, treatment, survey, analysis or evaluation; or
    2. a consequence to a student for a student’s lack of participation in any psychological or psychiatric examination, text, treatment, survey, analysis or evaluation.
  4. Please refer to Exhibit—1—Surveys and Questionnaires for guidance in categories of surveys and specific approval.    


  • Utah Code §53E-9-203.  Activities prohibited without prior written consent — Validity of consent — Qualifications — Training on implementation.



Document History

Revised – 6.4.2024.  Policy – 600.15 – Research Approval Process and Surveys was revised pursuant to H.B. 182 Student Survey Amendments (2024). The updates to the policy include language: 
– Requiring the District/school to obtain parental consent annually in writing for certain surveys given to students (i.e., early warning system; social emotional learning; school climate surveys); 
– Updating the sensitive topics for which a District or school must obtain prior written consent and provide notice prior to issuing a survey or conducting research; 
– Requiring the District/school to obtain parental consent from a transfer student before issuing a survey, and a District/school may not use consent obtained from a different school or District;
– Prohibiting the District from offering a reward or consequence for a student’s participation in any psychological or psychiatric examination, text, treatment, survey analysis, or evaluation; and
– Additional survey types for individual employee-initiated surveys and District Department Surveys were added to the Exhibit-1—Surveys and Questionnaires.    
Revised – 11.13.2018.  Policy – 600.15 – Research Approval Process and Surveys was revised to add language from the Student Privacy and Data Protection Act, (See, §53E-9-201, et seq), regarding prior written consent before students are asked to complete questionnaires or surveys, listing specific language regarding sensitive topics.  An Exhibit was developed to provide guidance regarding required approvals before conducting a survey in Canyons School District. 

Adopted – 5.10.1988.


This online presentation is an electronic representation of the Canyons School District’s currently adopted policy manual. It does not reflect updating activities in progress. The official, authoritative manual is available for inspection in the office of the Superintendent located at 9361 South 300 East Sandy, UT 84070.

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