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600 - Instruction Policy

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Policy 600.19 – Private and Home School Student Participation In Public School Achievement Tests



Board Policy

1. The Board of Education recognizes the statutory requirement for individual school districts to administer the stateside assessment system to uniformly measure statewide student performance.

2. The Board of Education further recognizes the public investment in statewide assessments, and supports an orderly and manageable process to allow private and home school students to participate in public school achievement tests if desired, in accordance with R277-604.

3. The Board of Education authorizes the Superintendent and District Administration toestablish Administrative Regulations consistent with this policy.




Definitions - 600.19-1

1. “Home school student”: means a student who has been excused from compulsory 

       1.1. education and for whom documentation has been completed under 53G-6-204. 

2. “Private school”: means a school that is not a public school but: 

2.1. has a current business license through the Utah Department of Commerce; 

2.2. is accredited as described in R277-410; and 

2.3. has and makes available a written policy for maintaining and securing student records.

3. “Statewide Assessment”: means: 

3.1. the summative adaptive assessment of a student in grades 3 through 8 in basic skills courses; 

3.2. the online writing assessment in grades 5 and 8; 

3.3. a high school assessment in grades 9 and 10; 

3.4. a statewide English Language proficiency assessment; 

3.5. the college readiness assessment; and 

3.6. the summative adaptive assessment of a student in grade to measure reading grade level using the end of year benchmark reading assessment.



Statewide Assessment Participation for Private Schools or Private School Students

1. Private schools that are interested in participating in statewide assessments must participate, at the school’s district’s discretion, in the public school district where the private school is located.

2. A private school may request the following from the school district in which it is located:

2.1. an annual schedule of statewide assessment dates;

2.2. the location at which private schools may be tested; and

2.3. written policies for private school student participation.

3. Private school students who are not Utah residents may participate in statewide assessments only by payment in advance of the full cost of individual assessments as determined in Exhibit—1—Statewide Assessment Exhibit – Participation Costs for Private and Home School Students.

3.1. The District shall provide reasonable costs for the            participation of Utah private school students in statewide assessments to be paid in advance by either the student or the student’s private school.

3.2. The District shall provide an explanation of reasonable costs including for administration materials, scoring, and reporting of assessment results.

3.3. The District shall provide notice to private school administrators of any required private school administrator participation in monitoring or proctoring of test



Statewide Assessment Participation of Home School Students

1. A home school student may participate in statewide assessments only if the student has satisfied the home school requirements of 53G-6-204.

 2. A home school student who desires to participate in statewide assessments must participate in the public school district in which the home school student’s parent or legal guardian resides. 

3. A home school student or parent may request the following from the school district in which the home school student or parent resides or a charter school:

3.1. an annual schedule of statewide assessment dates;

3.2. the locations at which the home schools students may be tested; and 

3.3. written policies for home school student participation.

4. A school district may not require a home school student to pay a fee that is not charged to traditional students. 

5. The school district shall provide notice to home school students or parents of any required parent or adult participation in monitoring or proctoring of tests.

6. The school district shall include reasonable time lines for home school requests for participation and district or school response.



Document History

Adopted – 2.18.2020

This online presentation is an electronic representation of the Canyons School District’s currently adopted policy manual. It does not reflect updating activities in progress. The official, authoritative manual is available for inspection in the office of the Superintendent located at 9361 South 300 East Sandy, UT 84070.

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