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Policy 300.1 – School Access

The Board of Education is committed to school access for students, parents, and the broader community, subject to Federal and State law and accompanying regulations. (Policy—400.2/500.1—Nondiscrimination). Specifically, the Board authorizes use of school buildings and grounds as civic centers as a limited public form to district residents for supervised recreational activities and meetings consistent with state law

Policy 300.2 – Access to Public Records and Retention

The Board of Education is committed to the public’s right to access public records and record retention in accordance with state law, the Government Records Access Management Act (GRAMA) and the Public Records Management Act (PMRA)), while protecting individual and statutory rights of privacy.

Policy 300.6 – Student Transportation

The Board shall provide transportation to and from school for students who qualify in accordance with state The Board delegates to the District Administration the responsibility to develop and implement transportation regulations which conform to the State Board of Education transportation policies.

Policy 300.7 – Student Conduct on Buses

The Board recognizes student transportation is an integral component of a public school Positive, civil, and respectful behavior contribute to the safety and well-being of school bus passengers, drivers, and others. The privilege of riding the bus is conditional upon compliance with school behavioral rules and regulations.

Policy 300.8 – Service Animals in Schools

The Board of Education is committed to providing equal access to all services, activities, and programs it offers. Students, employees or members of the public will not be denied access to services, programs, or activities due to their legitimate use of service animal in accordance with federal and state law.

Policy 300.3 – School Wellness

The Board of Education is committed to a school environment that enhances student learning and encourages lifelong wellness by promoting nutrition education, physical activity, and other school-based activities as part of the educational experience.

Policy 300.4 – Copyright

The Board of Education and Canyons School District is committed to the observance of federal copyright laws and publisher licensing agreements.

Policy 300.9 – Facilities Construction, Renovation, and Maintenance

The Board of Education has sole statutory authority and responsibility to approve new facility construction, building renovation, small capital facility projects, and bond issuance in Canyons School District. The Board of Education is committed to student safety, cost efficient use of public funds, and design standards that reflect current teaching processes and efficient service areas in construction, renovation, and maintenance of facilities.

Policy 300.10 – Named Gifts and Memorial

The Board of Education has authority and responsibility to name all new buildings, building re-models, or other facilities within the District. With the aim of improving instructional opportunities for students, the Board may consider accepting significant financial contributions to the school system.

Policy 300.11 – School Unpaid Meal Charges

The Board of Education is committed to a school environment that enhances student learning and encourages parents/legal guardians to assist students to receive the nutrition needed to stay focused during the school day. As an integral part of this effort, the Board of Education is committed to participating in the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS), the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and School Breakfast Program (SBP).

Policy 300.5 – Emergencies and Safety Procedures

The Board of Education is committed to the welfare and safety of students and staff and the protection of district and school facilities in times of emergency and disaster. The Board also recognizes the importance and value of collaborative relationships with fire and law enforcement personnel, community representatives, and officers of other governmental entities (municipalities and counties) to maintain public safety.

Policy 300.12 – Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS)

The Board of Education is committed to compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations for the use of small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) for any purpose or by any person on Canyons School District property. The Board also recognizes the responsibility to reduce risks to safety, security, and privacy for the authorization and operation of sUAS for teaching and outreach purposes on District property.

Policy 300.13 – Data Governance

The Board of Education recognizes data governance is an indispensable component of an organization to assess, manage, monitor, maintain, and protect an organization’s information. The Board of Education is committed to data governance methods and processes in accordance with state and federal law to protect personally identifiable information and maximize educational opportunities for students. All employees are responsible to protect student data.

Policy 300.3 – Exhibit 1 – Memo RE: Reimbursable Meals

On Sept. 1, 2014, the Utah State Board of Education addressed food sales on school campus in Rule R277-719, Standards for Selling Foods Outside of the Reimbursable Meals in Schools. This memo highlights LEA responsibilities, specifically with section R277-719-5, Fundraising Using Food/Beverages.

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