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Policy 300.02 Exhibit 2 – Fees for Duplication of Records

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Fees for Search and/or Duplication of Records

A fee shall be charged for the Canyons School District’s actual cost of duplicating a requested record and also for the personnel time in compiling and obtaining the record as follows:

  1. 25 cents (¢ 0.25) per page for each single-sided copy;
  2. 35 cents (¢ 0.35) per page for each double-sided copy; and
  3. Ten/Twenty dollars ($10.00-$20.00) per hour for the time spent by any District personnel searching for and compiling documents for copying, but not including the first ¼ hour of such time. The District may not charge more than the hourly rate of the lowest paid employee that the custodian of records determines has the necessary skill and training to perform the request.
  4. If a request will involve costs other than those listed above, the District shall notify the requester of the anticipated costs that will be incurred in responding to the GRAMA request and receive approval from the requester. Fees for U.S. Postal Service or an authorized delivery service such as UPS, FedEx, etc. will be charged at actual cost.

However, no fee may be charged for:

  1. The time and work required to determine whether the record is subject to disclosure (beyond that needed to retrieve the record or compiling, formatting, manipulating, packaging, summarizing, or tailoring the record as needed to meet the request, which can be charged as set out above); or
  2. The requestor’s inspection of the record.

An additional charge of $ 0.50 shall be charged per each page of a document which has been requested to be certified.

Before processing a request, the Canyons School District shall require the requester to pay any past unpaid fees of the requestor and shall require the payment of the estimated future fees if those are expected to exceed $50.00.

Utah Code Ann. §63G-2-203 – Fees.

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