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Policy 300.05 – Emergencies and Safety Procedures

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Board Policy

  1. The Board of Education is committed to the welfare and safety of students and staff and the protection of district and school facilities in times of emergency and disaster. The Board also recognizes the importance and value of collaborative relationships with fire and law enforcement personnel, community representatives, and officers of other governmental entities (municipalities and counties) to maintain public safety.   As such, the Board of Education may enter into cooperative agreements with governmental entities to facilitate proper coordination and support during emergencies.  In absence of established agreements, during times of emergency and disaster the Board of Education is committed to working with local, state, and national entities to coordinate emergency services and address public safety needs.   The Superintendent is the chief officer, under the direction of the Board, to coordinate assistance by District schools.  
  2. In accordance with state and federal law, the Board of Education shall adopt a comprehensive standard emergency response plan to address, respond, and recover from emergencies. As part of the emergency plan, the District’s Emergency Response Plan Committee/(Incident Command Team) shall assist individual schools to develop safety procedures and Emergency Response Plans for individual schools, and to train district and school staff on roles in the emergency plan.
  3. The Board of Education authorizes the Superintendent and District Administration to establish administrative regulations consistent with this policy, subject to review and approval by the Board.



The District’s Emergency Response Plan Committee: The District’s Emergency Response Plan - 300.05-1

  1. In accordance with state law, a District Emergency Response Plan Committee shall be established to revise and review emergency response plans. The committee shall consist of appropriate District personnel and may include, but is not limited to:  school administrators, teachers, fire and law enforcement personnel, community representatives, and representatives of governmental agencies for coordination of state and local emergency services.
  2. In the development and review of emergency plans, the District’s Emergency Response Plan Committee shall consider and make use of resources provided by the Utah State Board of Education and consider other plans, models, and resources it finds helpful



District Emergency Response Plan - 300.05-2

  1. In accordance with state law, the District’s Emergency Response Plan shall include, but is not limited to the following:
    1. Prevention, intervention, and response components for emergencies;
    2. Procedures for coordination with local law enforcement, fire departments, and other public safety entities;
    3. Procedures that are consistent with Student Conduct and Discipline Policies for substantial disruption and student violence in times of emergency;
    4. Procedures for notification to students off-campus for a school emergency because a student is excused from school or involved in off-campus school activities;
    5. Procedures for evacuation and access to school buildings for students, community members, and others;
    6. Procedures for release of students to parents/legal guardians;
    7. Procedures for emergency preparedness training, first aid, and age appropriate training for rescue techniques, safety training, and other emergency skills; and
    8. Procedures for dispensing and recording District funds spent for emergencies and reimbursement for such expenditures.
  2. The District Emergency Response Plan shall be reviewed at least once every three years, with the assistance of the District’s Emergency Response Plan Committee.
  3. Each school shall consult with the District’s Emergency Response Plan Committee/Incident Command Team to develop and implement school specific features for individual school Emergency Response Plans.
  4. Each school principal shall update *annually and keep on file a current copy of the Emergency Response Plan for their school and keep on file a current copy with the School Performance, Student Services and Facilities Department.



Emergency Preparedness Training - 300.05-3

  1. The District shall provide annual training to District and school staff on their roles, responsibilities, and priorities in the emergency response plan.
  2. Each school shall conduct emergency drills as required by state education rule.





Document History

Adopted – 10.20.2015.


This online presentation is an electronic representation of the Canyons School District’s currently adopted policy manual. It does not reflect updating activities in progress. The official, authoritative manual is available for inspection in the office of the Superintendent located at 9361 South 300 East Sandy, UT 84070.