Teacher Student Success Plan (TSSP)

On April 2, 2019, Governer Gary Herbert signed into law SB149, the Teacher and Student Success Act, which allocates funding to Utah’s schools for “outcome-based programs” under the direction of local school district guidelines. This funding can be used for teacher salaries, early learning, technology, professional development, class size reduction, additional teachers, counselors, tutors and specialists, or any other purpose which improves student performance under the guidance of the school district’s framework. Funding cannot be used to increase state or district administration expenses or for construction costs.

The Canyons School District Board of Education has created  a “Teacher and Student Success Act Framework” to help guide principals and School Community Councils in allocating this funding towards appropriate programs.  Please also refer to CSD Policy 200.6.

Each year, school principals develop a Teacher and Student Success Plan in accordance with the Board of Education’s student success framework.  Principals are required to solicit input from the School Community Council while developing the Teacher and Student Success Plan.

Community Council Review Considerations

  • Goals and plans should be based on measurable data
  • Plans should help fulfill Canyons District’s mission that all students will graduate college- and career-ready
  • Plans include specific actions, responsible parties, timelines, plans for measuring progress, and expenditures
  • Plans include a summary of yearly progress for the previous year’s plan

Plan Submission and Approval

  • Principals are required to solicit input from the SCC, school administration, faculty, and parents
  • SCC members sign the final version of the plan
  • Plan is submitted to the Canyons District Board of Education
  • Board of Education may request revisions or clarifications prior to final approval and distribution of funds

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