Statutory Requirements

Statutory Duties

School Community Councils are required by state law to communicate with the public about their meetings and plans, making council information available on the school website. Councils are audited annually by the state and district for their compliance to these requirements.

Required Communication

  • At least one week prior to each council meeting:
    • An agenda for the upcoming meeting and draft minutes of the prior meeting.
    • Notice of upcoming meeting on school calendar or list of events
  • By October 20th of each year:
    • The SCC meeting schedule for the year
    • A list of school community council members, including contact email and/or phone numbers
    • LAND Trust and TSSP plans for the current year detailing the distribution of money to your school, academic goals you set, how you will measure success, and expected expenditures
  • Always:
    • A statement about the opportunity for parents to serve on the school community council and make decisions about the School LAND Trust Program funding.
    • Funding amounts for the current year from the School LAND Trust Program and TSSA
    • Rules of Order and Procedure and/or bylaws
  • As needed:
    • Notice of elections, including dates and procedures, and number of open seats

Council Chairs should coordinate with the school principal to regularly provide these materials to their school’s designated website manager.  The best format for providing information to web managers is in a simple Microsoft Word Document, Google Doc, or plain text email.  PDFs (especially those with complex formatting or layouts) are difficult to convert into ADA accessible, translatable web pages.

Other Communication

You may also want to communicate:

  • SCC successes; which goals that you set did you see improvement in?
  • District and school academic news
  • History and information about the LAND Trust
  • Issues the Board of Education has asked the SCC for feedback on
  • Introductions of SCC members

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