Effective Meetings

Community Councils that hold effective meetings provide the most benefit for their students and community.  Each monthly meeting provides only a short amount of time for counsel members to accomplish many important tasks.  The following suggestions will help councils to make the most of their meetings:

  • Respect others in verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Participate in the “big” conversation, rather than side conversations
  • Be recognized by the Chair before addressing the group
  • Meetings should begin on time, use time wisely and finish on time.
  • Remain focused on the agenda during meetings.
  • Avoid disruption by silencing cell phones and taking necessary calls out of the room during meetings.
  • Come prepared to participate in the discussion.
  • If a guest or SCC member brings up business that is not on the agenda, it may be heard & discussed, but no decisions made until it is properly noticed on an agenda.

Public Meetings: SCC meetings may never be closed. The law spells out many requirements for conducting meetings and transactions during meetings. The law pertaining to SCC meetings may be found under "Laws and Rules." Each meetings agenda is required to be posted to the school website at least 1 week prior to the meeting. See "Communication Requirements" for more info.

Time-Saving Resources

The resources linked below will help save time by providing a framework for effective meetings.  Effective meetings are facilitated by adequate planning, and council members’ commitment to written procedures.

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