Suggested Agenda Items

These items are provided to assist in planning the SCC meeting agenda. Please consider placing them on your agenda each meeting. Some items may need time for planning and discussion and some may only need a quick look such as when the item is completed, asking, “We’ve wrapped up our work on this is there any additional input?” Monthly checks on the budget, data, and the development of school plans will enable the SCC to stay current on the TSSP and LAND Trust plan responsibilities.

Other items that have specific months with due dates are included in the annual timeline.

  • Where is our school in this year’s LAND Trust and TSSP plan implementation? Budget? Goals?
    • Are the plans moving forward or do we need to amend?
    • A monthly review of the budgets will help to identify early in the year if an amendment is needed.
  • Where are we in the development of next year’s plan?
    • Studying a recap of last year’s plans? Tracking the implementation of this year’s plans? Studying data to assist in the creation of next year’s plans?
  • Are SCC members attending? Do we need to consider any replacements?
    • If changes happen to the roster, please update in 3 locations:
      • On the school website
      • Submit to District office; Marjean Weller and Susan Edwards
      • On the state website
  • Are we in legal compliance for required information on the school website? Is the information correct and up to date?
    • Council member’s name and contact information
    • Meeting schedule for the year
    • Prior year report
    • Agenda for upcoming meeting; approved minutes from all past meetings
    • Rules of Order & Procedure and/or Bylaws
    • Amount of LAND Trust funds received for the current school year
    • Opportunities for parents to serve on the SCC and how the SCC is improving academic achievement with LAND Trust funds
    • Did we post, at least 1 week prior to our meeting?
      • Current agenda
      • Draft minutes from last meeting
      • A meeting notice on home page, school calendar, newsletter, and/or SCC page on website