Dear SCC Member,

Canyons School Dist 17Reduced

Congratulations on being elected to your School Community Council! Thank you for your willingness to serve the students, families, and staff of your school community. The Canyons Board of Education values the work of SCCs and recognizes the benefits that the Councils bring to each school and to the District.

We encourage you to attend training and become familiar with the responsibilities of School Community Councils. As you do so, you will catch the vision and better understand the purpose of School Community Councils and the LAND Trust program. Working together, your Council will review school data, identify school needs, establish school goals, allocate Trust funds towards accomplishing those goals, and monitor the progress of the current year pan. A review of the Board adopted Vision, Mission and Indicators will also be helpful in your work. Each school year, the school improvement plan development and implementation process guides and focuses instruction in classrooms and leads to improved student outcomes.

In addition to the development of the school improvement plans, SCCs provide input and feedback on school and district programs. Your voice is considered to be representative of the group that elected you – parents or school employees. As your council deliberates decisions, please include the perspectives of all groups within your school community. When the larger school community is working together, great things happen!

Again, thank you for your service. We trust your experience will be rewarding and meaningful. Your contributions are significant in providing a high-quality education opportunity for every student in Canyons District and most importantly in your school.

Signature Nancy Tingey 02
Nancy Tingey, President
District 3

Mont Millerberg Signature
Mont Millerberg
District 1

Signature Chad Iverson 01
Chad Iverson
District 7
Signature Amber Shill 01
Amber Shill, Vice President
District 2
Clareen Arnold sig
Clareen Arnold
District 4
AmandaOaks 01
Amanda Oaks
District 6
steve wrigley signature
Steve Wrigley,Vice President
District 5