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Policy 600.04 Exhibit 1 – Calendar Committee Guidelines

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Calendar Committee Guidelines

Guideline Note:

The calendar committee guidelines are intended to guide the committee in the calendar development recognizing that, from year to year, there may be circumstances that deviate from a guideline that may be impractical for that year. Any variance from an established guideline will be noted when a calendar is prepared for review by the Board of Education.

  1. The first day of school for grades 1-12 will be the third Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday in August.
  2. School for kindergarten students will start on the fourth day grades 1 – 12 are in school giving kindergarten teachers three days for testing and assessing the needs of incoming kindergarten students. 
  3. Teacher contract days will be scheduled immediately preceding the first day of school.
  4. A day for New Teacher Orientation will be scheduled the day before contract teachers return to work.
  5. A semester change-over/grading day will be planned in January.
  6. Two Professional Development Days will be held prior to the start of school.
  7. Parent/Teacher Conferences will be scheduled at the end of September or in October and again in February or early March followed by a compensatory day for teachers. Conferences for all three levels will be scheduled during the same week. 
  8. Brighton High Parent/Teacher Conferences will be scheduled in October, January, and April. A compensatory day for teachers will be scheduled following two of the three the Parent/Teacher Conferences. 
  9. A Fall Recess will be scheduled in October.
  10. Election Day in November is a school day and will be free of all calendar activities.
  11. Thanksgiving Recess will include the Wednesday prior to and the Friday following Thanksgiving Day.
  12.  Winter Recess will be scheduled to include 8-11 days comprising Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, and two weekends.
  13. Martin Luther King Jr. Day will be a school recess day.
  14. Washington and Lincoln Day (Presidents’ Day) will be a school recess day.
  15. A weeklong Spring Recess will be scheduled during the first full week of April.
  16. Memorial Day and Labor Day will be school recess days.
  17. School emergency closure days will be made up first on Presidents’ Day, and the Board reserves the right to meet to determine a secondary date.

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