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Policy 600.15 Exhibit 1 – Surveys and Questionnaires

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Surveys and Questionnaires:   There are six categories of surveys and each require a specific approval.

  1. Surveys that are part of a larger collection of data. This is a formal research project. In many instances the researcher is working on an advanced degree (MA, Ed.D., Ph.D.).  CSD is supportive of educators who seek further education and training, but we also value and want to protect instructional time.
    Submit to the Research Review Committee for Approval
  2. Surveys that are part of a college class assignment. Research is being conducted if individual student data is being collected and written into a report or paper. Informed consent must to be obtained from the parent or guardian of the student. The Director of Research and Assessment (Dr. Hal Sanderson) is available to discuss the district policy with the college instructor. In many instances another project can be assigned or the current project modified.
    Submit to the Research Review Committee for Approval
  3. Surveys used for Action Research (also called teacher researcher)* with the sole focus on improving teaching practices and will not be shared and does not contain any sensitive topics. Canyons is supportive of student feedback as a method of improving student involvement in their learning. A simple set of questions focused on a Core Standard(s) or teaching practices (e.g., Which approach do you prefer…, Was it helpful when I…) can be an effective part of the instructional process. Listening to the perspective of students is one way to build positive student-teacher relationships.** Teachers should keep the survey anonymous and not ask student background questions.
    Submit to Principal for Approval
  4. Surveys used for Action Research that will be shared outside the school. Permission from parents (or guardians) and students must be obtained in order to protect the privacy of students and their families.
    Submit to the Research Review Committee.
  5. Surveys involving sensitive topics.   These surveys should be avoided. If any survey contains any sensitive topics it must be approved in all circumstances.
    Submit to the Research Review Committee & School Performance Director for Approval
  6. School survey. All schoolwide surveys initiated by administrators, students, educators or staff need district approval by School Performance Office. School Surveys initiated by parent support groups must also be approved.
    Submit to School Performance Director for Approval

* Hubbard, R. S., & Power, B. M. (2003). The art of classroom inquiry, A handbook for teachers-researchers, 2nd edition. Portsmith, NH: Heinemann.

** Fisher, D., Frey, N., & Quaglia, R. J., Smith, D., & Lande, L. (2018). Engagement By Design: Creating Learning Environments Where Students Thrive. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin.

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