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410 - Licensed Policy

Table of Contents

Policy 410.07 – Salary Guidelines



Board Policy

  1. The Board of Education directs the District Administration to meet with representatives of the employee­­­ agent group in salary negotiation to establish salary schedules.
  2. It is also the policy of the Board to pay wages and salaries that shall enable the District to secure and retain qualified licensed employees.
  3. The Board delegates to the District Administration the responsibility for implementing the salary policy.



Salary Guidelines - 410.07-1

  1. Date of Payments:
    All licensed employees shall receive two salary payments each month, totaling twenty-four (24) payments per contract year, one on the 15th and the other on the last day of the month.   If the 15th or the last day of the month falls on a weekend or on a holiday, payday will be the preceding financial banking day of the month.
    1. Newly hired licensed employees who begin their employment on the first day of the new contract year, will have their contract disbursed over twenty-five (25) pay periods (25S pay frequency) for their first year of employment and then transitioned to twenty-four (24) pay periods (24S pay frequency) the following year. The first payment will be the last day of August, however, if this day falls on a weekend, payday will be the preceding financial banking day of the month.
    2. Newly hired licensed employees who begin their employment after the first day of the new contract year, will have their contract disbursed over twenty-four (24) pay periods (24S pay frequency) as explained above.
  2. Salary Rates:
    District  licensed employees shall be compensated at rates agreed upon through negotiations and published in the salary schedules for each licensed group of employees.  The actual employee’s salary shall be a factor of his/her percent of contract and placement on the salary schedule.
  3. Deductions:
    All approved deductions, other than those legally required, shall be made only upon the written request of the employee.
  4. Basic Salary Schedule:
    A basic salary schedule shall be established for licensed employees.  The schedule shall be based upon consideration of contract teaching experience in an accredited school and upon continued education (See, Section 9).
  5. Differential Allowance:
    Differential allowance may be paid to licensed employees with special assignments.
  6. Salary Placement:
    1. To determine a licensed employee’s initial salary placement:
      1. Identify the licensed employee’s “Education Enhancement” Increment Level
      2. Add previous contracted licensed work experience from an accredited school system, up to fifteen years, each year equating to an Increment Level
        1. No more than one (1) year service credit is awarded for a single school year
        2. One (1) year service credit is awarded for each year if the employee worked one-half or more of an accredited school system’s contracted days in a single school year and at least 50% FTE
        3. Licensed employee’s experience in Canyons District receives full credit
        4. Licensed employees who have retired with the Utah Retirement System (URS) may receive up to fifteen (15) Increment Levels for experience
      3. Add one (1) Increment Level
  7. Education Enhancement:
    1. To determine the licensed employee’s “Education Enhancement” Increment Level:
      1. Identify the licensed employee’s degree attainment from an accredited university:
        1. Bachelor’s Degree,  n/a
          1. Educators with more than one Bachelor’s Degree are placed according to 7.1.2.
        2. Master’s Degree, +6 Increment Levels
          1. Educators with more than one Master’s Degree are placed according to 7.1.2.
        3. Doctorate Degree, +6 Increment Levels
          1. Educators with more than one Doctorate Degree are placed according to 7.1.2.
    2. Identify semester hours awarded after July 1, 2017, not used for degree (s) identified in 7.1.1., and which are relevant to education and/or the educator’s assignment:  
      1. 20 semester hours, + 1 Increment Level 
      2. 40 semester hours, + 1 Increment Level
      3. 60 semester hours, + 1 Increment Level 
      4. 80 semester hours, + 1 Increment Level (Example: A newly hired licensed employee with a Master’s Degree and 20 semester hours with four years of experience would be placed on Increment Level twelve (12), contingent upon verification of education and experience).
  8. The Director of Human Resources and Chief Financial Officer are allowed to make exceptions for difficult to fill positions.
  9. Military Experience:
    No Increment Level shall be granted to any employee for military experience except for previous employees who have left the District to enter the military service.  These employees shall be granted benefits required under the reemployment rights provision of the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 (USERRA).
  10. Submission of Evidence:
    1. It shall be the responsibility of the employees to submit to the Human Resources Department documented evidence which they wish to have considered in determining their initial placement on the salary schedule or for education enhancement.
    2. For new employees to the District, the following will be accepted for education enhancement:
      1. University credits beyond the original educator license and Bachelor’s degree
        1. An educator earning a USBE Professional Educator License may use licensure-required education and/or pedagogical course credits earned after July 1, 2020, toward “Education Enhancement” change credit.  Enhancement credit may be submitted once the Professional Educator License is posted in USBE’s educator records
      2. USBE credit earned after July 2005
      3. USBE credit earned prior to July 2005, if approved by the Local Professional Improvement Committee (LPIC)
      4. Other educational credit approved by LPIC
    3. For current licensed employees to the District, the following will be accepted for Education Enhancement:
      1. Credit earned from an accredited university,
      2. USBE approved credit, District approved credit, and
      3. LPIC approved in-service credit. These hours will be granted in accordance with Policy—400.12—Local Professional Improvement Committee.
    4. Education Enhancement Increment Level(s) changes shall be awarded when the Human Resources Department receives a completed Application for Education Enhancement Change form and proof of eligibility in the form of an official transcript.   Proof of eligibility must be submitted prior to the last working day  of the month to be effective on the 1st of the following month.   Proof of eligibility received after April 15th will be reflected on the next school years contract.







This online presentation is an electronic representation of the Canyons School District’s currently adopted policy manual. It does not reflect updating activities in progress. The official, authoritative manual is available for inspection in the office of the Superintendent located at 9361 South 300 East Sandy, UT 84070.

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