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Policy 410.10 – District Advisory Council

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5.8.2018 (NEG)

Board Policy

  1. The Board recognizes the need for a District Advisory Council (DAC) for the purpose of communicating areas of concern by employee groups within the District.
  2. The Board authorizes the Superintendent and District Administration to establish administrative regulations consist with this policy.



District Advisory Council - 410.10-1

  1. The Council shall be composed of three (3) members designated annually by the employee agent: three licensed employee members appointed at large by the Superintendent: the Assistant Superintendents, Director of Human Resources, the Directors of School Performance. The chairperson will be determined annually by the Council.
  2. The Council shall meet at least four (4) times during the school year to discuss and study subjects mutually agreed upon relating to the school system. The Council may schedule additional meetings as deemed necessary.
  3. The Council is empowered to appoint ad hoc committees to study and report upon subjects agreed upon by the Council and approved by the Superintendent or his/her designee.
  4. The clerical expenses of the Council and its subcommittees shall be paid by the Board.
    1. Licensed employees will be paid the Inservice Rate, a minimum of one hour, for attending DAC.
  5. Meetings of the Council shall be held at other than regular school hours. If circumstances should require that a meeting be held during school hours, Council members may be excused from their regular duties without loss of pay.
  6. All items of business or recommendations coming from this Council are advisory only.
  7. Minutes of the meetings will be sent to members of DAC and school and district administrators.







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