School Community Council Training

The purpose of this page is to help schools in conducting the affairs of the school community council on their school websites. At the request of Superintendent Briscoe, this website will serve as a guidance for Canyons School District schools in posting SCC information on the school websites. Each school, by law, must post the following informaiton on their school websites.

School Community Council Training Modules

While each school has the right to display their SCC information in whatever fashion they choose, the district Communications Web Manager has created a very simple template that makes the SCC websites easy to update and maintain. Here is the sample single-page template: 

Single-page SCC Template

The following 10 items are required by law to be on your school website:

Item # 1 and #2: SCC Members names and contact information

Each SCC member’s name and respective role (parent, employee, or administrator) should be listed with either an email address or a phone number of that member’s direct contact.

Item #3: Proposed meeting schedule for the year

The dates of SCC meetings scheduled for the current (2014-15) school year must be posted, even if the meetings are listed elsewhere (i.e. on a calendar).  Meetings may be rescheduled, added, or cancelled during the year provided proper public notice is given. (See items 5 & 6). The location and time should be noted, as well.

Item #4: Prior year report

This is the final LAND Trust Plan from the previous year.  It may be a summary of last year’s plan or a link to the report posted on the state LAND Trust website.

Item #5 and #6: Notice of meetings and Agendas

Public notice of the meeting date, time, location and agenda (or link to the agenda) of each SCC meeting must be posted on the school website one week prior to the meeting. This can be on the main page, calendar of upcoming events or on the SCC page.

Item #7: Minutes

SCCs are required to have meeting minutes for the last 3 years posted on the school website. These should be updated in a timely manner after each meeting.  As was discussed in training, “draft minutes” can be posted soon after each meeting and then added to the list of “approved minutes” after the SCC votes to approve them.

Item #8: Opportunities for Parents to Serve

Schools may create and post a unique statement. The following statement also includes the money received information (see Item #9):

“The School Community Council (SCC) is comprised of parents, school employees, and the principal.  The Council has statutory responsibilities to develop the School Improvement and LAND Trust plans which are focused on increasing student achievement in our school and may include provisions for professional development.  Throughout the school year, the SCC reviews school data, identifies academic needs, sets measurable goals, establishes action steps to reach those goals, and evaluates success of the plans.  This gives parents and school employees opportunity to be involved in the decision making process at the local school level.

The SCC is responsible for determining how the LAND Trust funds are used in our school.  When Utah was granted Statehood, parcels of land were placed in a perpetual Trust with the children of Utah as beneficiaries.  Revenues from these lands go into the Permanent State School Fund. The dividends and interest of that fund are distributed annually to each public school in Utah.  Our school received $$$$$ during the xxxx-xx school year.

Additionally the SCC serves as an advisory council to the school and district administration as well as the Canyons District Board of Education. In this role, an SCC fosters communication between the school and the community on local school issues.  The School Community Council is a vital partner in fulfilling the mission of Canyons School District: Every student will graduate college-and-career ready.”

Item #9: Amount of money the SCC received for this school year

A minimal statement such as the following sentence may be posted:

“X School received $25,677 in School LAND Trust monies for the 2014-15 school year.”

Item#10: Rules of Order and Procedure:

SCCs are required to adopt rules of order and procedure. Many schools have copied them off of the state website.  Please note: THE STATE EXAMPLE HAS BEEN RECENTLY REVISED.  It is important that the SCC actually adopts the rules they are functioning under and that these rules are available at each SCC meeting.  An SCC may create, adopt, and function under Bylaws which include rules of order and procedure, or choose to use basic parliamentary procedure as defined in Roberts Rules of Order. Updated Rules of Order and Procedure from State example is provided as attachment.

SCC Manual

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