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Policy 420.09 – Reduction in Force (ESP)

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7.14.2020 (NEG)

Board Policy

  1. The primary consideration in any Reduction in Force (RIF) will be the maintenance of a sound and balanced educational program that is consistent with the functions and responsibilities of the District, i.e., educating students to be college and career ready.  The purpose of this policy is to establish an orderly procedure used to terminate employment when the Board determines that a RIF is necessary.   This policy will be applied in a fair and equitable manner without regard for age, color, disability, gender, gender identity, national origin, pregnancy, race, religion, sexual orientation or veteran status and in accordance with state and federal law.
  1. The Board authorizes the Superintendent and the District Administration to establish administrative regulations consistent with this policy.



Grounds for Reduction in Force - 420.09-1

  1. Grounds for Reduction in Force
    1. A Reduction in Force may be implemented when the District Administration, under the direction of the Board, determines that any of the following circumstances occur:
      1. Declining student enrollments in the District
      2. The discontinuance or substantial reduction of a particular service or program
      3. The shortage of anticipated revenue
      4. School consolidation
      5. Other unforeseen circumstances



Reduction in Force Procedures - 420.09-2

Reduction in Force Procedures

  1. Should the need for a Reduction in Force occur, the following procedures shall be followed:
    1. Decisions will be based on the program and staffing needs of the District.
    2. ESP employees shall be grouped according to job title and duties; (e.g. custodial, nutrition, para-educator, instructional assistant, network engineer, support assistant, plumber, buyer, bus driver, and other relevant groupings).
    3. The District Administration, under the direction of the Board, shall determine the number of ESP employees to be terminated, due to a Reduction in Force, for each group.
    4. The District Administration shall rank ESP employees, within each negatively impacted group, by their:
      1. performance evaluations
      2. educational/training/certification qualifications
      3. professional contributions
      4. professional conduct
    5. Criteria used to establish the rankings will be reviewed and/or revised in consultation with the employee agent group and provided to the affected employees and/or posted by the District with any reduction in force announcement.
    6. The ESP employee(s) with the lowest rank(s) shall have their employment terminated.
  2. Notification
    1. Notification of termination, when related to a Reduction in Force, shall include the assurance that ESP employees will have the opportunity to interview for open positions within their job grouping, for which they are qualified, for one calendar year from the date of the RIF.
    2. Under normal circumstances, ESP employees who are to be affected by the Reduction in Force shall receive at least thirty (30) days notice or, in the case of urgent or unforeseen circumstances, as soon as the information is known.
  3. Rehire
    1. If employment is terminated through Reduction in Force and the ESP employee is rehired within one calendar year, the employee’s salary step, lane placement, and other leave benefits shall be reinstated at the level existing at the time of termination.







This online presentation is an electronic representation of the Canyons School District’s currently adopted policy manual. It does not reflect updating activities in progress. The official, authoritative manual is available for inspection in the office of the Superintendent located at 9361 South 300 East Sandy, UT 84070.