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Policy 420.07 Exhibit 2 – Transportation – Assignment of Bus Routes, Field Trips, and Activity Runs




  1. Hire date: The date an employee was hired by the CSD Department of Transportation in a position requiring a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).
  2. School Bus Operator Continuous Service: Continuous Service shall be defined as working 8 hours in a sixty (60) day period of time within a school calendar year.
  3. Vacancy: A vacancy is an open bus route for bidding by a school bus operator when an employee separates from the District or an employee resigns a benefitted bus route from the District.
  4. Two-hour minimum: All employees will be paid a two-hour minimum for route assignments less than two hours.   All employees paid a two-hour minimum are expected to work the full two-hours performing additional assignments within the Department of Transportation.
    1. Failure to work for the full two-hours will result in being paid only for actual time worked.
    2. Assignments that extend beyond the two-hour minimum will be paid at actual time.

Regular Bus Routes:

  1. All benefitted school bus operators employed by the District will be assigned a regular route or schedule by the Director of Transportation.
    1. Changes in assignments will be made at the beginning of each school year insofar as possible.
  2. When a school bus route vacancy occurs the opening will be posted for five (5) working days at the Transportation Office.
    1. Interested school bus operators are required to apply for the open position.
    2. The open position will be assigned by the Director of Transportation according to school bus operator hire date, continuous service, documented performance/conduct issues, and school bus operator qualifications.
  3. Rescheduling of routes may alter time requirements from year to year, or may be modified during the year.
  4. Bus Operators cannot trade
  5. Unique circumstances may require the Director of Transportation to reassign school bus operators without regard to hire date when it is necessary to meet reasonable District need.
  6. Transportation Rovers will follow the same hiring procedures as any other district contracted position.

Bus Operator Assignments for Field Trips/Activity Runs:

  1. School Bus Operators interested in driving for field trips and activity runs shall notify the Director of Transportation or designee.
    1. A list of interested school bus operators shall be compiled in the order of hire date and continuous service.
    2. As far as possible, field trip/activity run assignments shall not interfere with regular route assignments.
  2. Available field trips and activity runs shall be posted in the Transportation Office two weeks in advance or for as many days as possible if two weeks of notification is not received.
    1. Field trip/activity run requests received within three to seven (3-7) working days notice shall be assigned consistent with field trip bidding assignments and procedures.
    2. Field trip/activity run requests received within less than three working days are considered “emergencies” and are exempted from this procedure.
    3. The Director of Transportation at his or her own discretion is authorized to declare a field trip request with three to seven (3-7) days notice as an “emergency” and exempt from this procedure.
  3. Field trips will be assigned based on hire date with continuous service until all assignments are made.
    1. Each field trip rotation assignment will continue up where it left off on the previous rotation of the hire date list.
    2. This will continue until all drivers on the list have been given the right to bid, then the bidding process will start again at the top of the hire date list.
    3. All interested school bus operators must indicate their interest by submitting the absentee form or in person.
    4. School bus operators are responsible to pick up their field trip/activity run assignments from the office.
  4. The Director of Transportation has authority to deviate from the assignment regulations listed above under the following circumstances:
    1. The field trip/activity run requires more than 15 buses.
    2. The field trip/activity run covers hazardous terrain.
    3. The field trip/activity run request was received on short notice (same day).
    4. The field trip/activity run is extended in time and/or distance.
    5. An unexpected need for bus service must be met.
    6. An emergency school closure or evacuation is underway.
    7. A community emergency is underway.
    8. Other compelling reason.
  5. In general, regular route assignments shall take precedence over field trip/activity run assignments. However, if the Director of Transportation assigns a bus operator to a field trip/activity run during regular route time, the bus operator shall be paid at the regular rate of pay for the regular route hours and at the field trip/activity run rate of pay for any additional hours required.
  6. To determine the distinction between Monday-Friday Bus Operators and Weekend/Holiday Bus Operators, the following shall apply:
    1. Monday-Friday: Bus operators shall be paid for actual time spent on field trip/activity runs plus one-half hour for cleaning and fueling the bus.  If the field trip/activity run is cancelled while the bus operator is on duty or the trip assignment is one-way (either to or from an event), bus operators shall be paid for a minimum of two hours with the one-half hour allowance for inspecting, cleaning and fueling the bus included as part of the minimum.  The additional costs will be charged to the school or department that cancels the activity.
    2. If multiple buses are ordered but upon arrival to the location of pickup it is determined fewer buses are required then the bus operator with the earliest signup order shall have the option of staying or going.
    3. Weekend/Holidays: If the school fails to cancel the field trip, the bus operator shall be paid actual time up to four (4) hours.  If the field trip is scheduled longer than four (4) hours, the bus operator will receive a minimum of four (4) hours.  The additional costs will be charged to the school or department that cancels the activity.
  7. If the field trip/activity run is not completed on time and a substitute must be assigned to the bus operator’s regular route, the school may be required to pay a minimum of two additional hours to cover substitute costs.  
  8. Upon arrival at the field trip/activity run destination, bus operators shall secure the bus and remain accessible to the group unless otherwise instructed by the administrator in charge.
  9. The school administration shall assure that one or more responsible, adult supervisors is aboard each bus that is on a field trip/activity run.

This online presentation is an electronic representation of the Canyons School District’s currently adopted policy manual. It does not reflect updating activities in progress. The official, authoritative manual is available for inspection in the office of the Superintendent located at 9361 South 300 East Sandy, UT 84070.

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