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Policy 410.0/420.0 – Scope of Negotiations

The Board recognizes the importance of an orderly process to arrive at negotiated settlements with the recognized exclusive representatives and bargaining agents of employee groups (licensed and Educational Support Professional (ESP), excluding administrators).

Policy 420.1 – Scope of Negotiations-Policies (ESP)

The Board of Education has statutory authority over all issues relating to the effective and efficient operation of the school district (Utah Code Title 53G Chapter 04). Locally elected Board of Education members should retain the right to operate the school district without undue influence or control from outside groups, organizations, associations, political parties, or special interests.

Policy 420.3 – Hours of Work

The Board shall comply with federal law in relation to hours of work for all ESP – Educational Support Professional employees, and directs the District Administration to abide by the following regulations respecting hours of work.

Policy 420.4 – Employee Leave (ESP)

It is the policy of the Board of Education to authorize the following leave benefits for Educational Support Professional (ESP) employees: alternative leave; bereavement leave; educational leave; personal leave paid; personal leave non-paid; sick leave; and employee-funded sick bank.

Policy 420.5 – Fringe Benefits (ESP)

The Board recognizes that it is in the best interest of students to have employees on the job each contract day, and delegates to the District Administration responsibility for administering an Attendance Incentive policy for qualifying employees.

Policy 420.6 – Personal Security and Safety

The Board of Education is committed to the protection of employees and a safe work environment. The Board recognizes the need for a policy governing the protection of employees and a reporting procedure to address incidents of verbal or physical conduct that may be harmful or abusive to employees in the workplace.

Policy 420.7 – School Bus Operators, Routing and Scheduling

The Board of Education recognizes that the certification and training of school bus operators are fundamental components of student transportation in a public school system. The Board also recognizes that the assignment of bus operators and scheduling bus routes in an equitable and orderly process contributes to the safety and well-being of school bus passengers, operators, and the public.

Policy 420.9 – Reduction in Force (ESP)

The primary consideration in any Reduction in Force (RIF) will be the maintenance of a sound and balanced educational program that is consistent with the functions and responsibilities of the District, i.e., educating students to be college and career ready. The purpose of this policy is to establish an orderly procedure used to terminate employment when the Board determines that a RIF is necessary.

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