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Policy 700.1 – School Community Councils

The Board of Education recognizes that Utah law provides that each public school, in consultation with its local school board, shall establish a school community council at each school building level. The Board recognizes the purposes of the school community councils are to involve parents or guardians in decision making at the school level, improve the quality of education of students, prudently expend School LAND Trust Program money and implement a component of the school’s teacher and student success plan

Policy 700.2 – Parent School Support Associations/Organizations

The Board of Education is committed to a cooperative education partnership among schools, parents/legal guardians, and the broader community. The Board of Education values parent school support association/organizations as an important asset and valuable volunteer resource to support and unite parents, teachers and students with the mission of Canyons School District.

Policy 700.4 – School Volunteers

The Board recognizes that students and schools benefit from the services of school volunteers. Therefore, the Board authorizes the District Administration to provide opportunities for schools to receive volunteer services through parent school support associations/organizations , School Community Council, school/business partnerships, senior citizen organizations, and other groups and individuals with an interest in promoting quality education.

Policy 700.7 – School Community Contests and Special Programs

The Board encourages District participation in worthy school-community contests and special programs. Programs promoted or sponsored by community agencies and organizations shall be evaluated carefully before student and teacher involvement is committed. In the evaluation of cooperative activities, their relevance to established curricula and good learning experiences shall receive prime consideration. Responsibility for the assessment and coordinating of school-community programs shall be delegated to the District Administration.

Policy 700.8 – Solicitation in Schools

The Board recognizes that it is in the best interest of the school system to minimize outside disruptions which detract from the learning environment, encroach upon contract time, or reduce staff productivity. Further, publicly funded school and district services should not be used for private enterprise pursuits.

Policy 700.9 – District and School Sponsored Information Media

Canyons School District views the Internet as a valuable tool in communicating with patrons, employees, and students. School Web pages are an extension of the District Web site and should be treated as such. Careful planning and consideration should go into the design and development of any Web site that represents the District.

Policy 700.10 – Secondary School Schedule Changes

The Board of Education considers that the establishment of school schedules is a central function of the Board of Education, as part of the Board’s statutory responsibility to establish and make rules for the control and management of district.
In establishing school schedules, the Board values school, employee, and community input, and acknowledges the value of site-based recommendations for individual-school schedules.

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