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Policy 700.02 Exhibit 1 – Procedures and Timeline: New/Alternative Parent School Support Association/Organization

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  • Step 1 – Notice of Intent and Application-by Nov 1
    • Verification of Notice of Intent/Application by the Superintendent or Designee.
      • Days: Up to 30 Days
      • Total Days (Cumulative): Up to 30 days (approx. Dec. 1)
  • Step 2 – Petition for Election
    • Applicant Petition for Election – At least 25% Signatures of Parents/Legal Guardians
      • Days: Up to 45 Days
      • Total Days (Cumulative): Up to 75 days (approx. Jan. 14)
    • Verification of Petition – District
      • Days: Up to 30 Days
      • Total Days (Cumulative): Up to 105 days (approx. Feb. 14)
  • Step 3 – Election and Campaign
    • Election
    • Board ratifies election – at a Board Meeting
      • Days: 15 Days
      • Total Days (Cumulative): Up to 120 days (approx. March 1)
  • Step 4 – Final Approval
    • Verification of tax-exempt status, EIN number, charitable solicitation agreement, and policies
    • Proof of insurance
    • Board recognizes parent school support association/organization group at a Board meeting
      • Days: 60 Days
      • Total Days (Cumulative): Up to 180 days (approx. May 1)

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