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Butler Middle’s Logan Wins Utah Middle School Principal of the Year Award

As a former English teacher, perhaps it’s natural for Butler Middle Principal Paula Logan to want to use the power of the principal’s office to launch a schoolwide focus on literacy. It’s the skill that touches all parts of a child’s education, says Logan, who has been an educator for nearly three decades. Logan credits the all-in energy and commitment of her faculty and staff for the significant gains the Butler Middle Bruins have made in reading proficiency and looks forward to what they can continue to accomplish together. Her drive to improve student literacy skills, as well as teacher

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Water Conservation App Carries Three CSD Students to First Lego World Championship

For those who wonder exactly how much water they use on any given day – there’s an app for that. It was created by a group of mostly middle-school-aged students who are driven by a love of problem-solving and a keen sense of what it means to change the world. In just three years, the group, which calls itself the “Bionic Porcupines III” in First Lego League circles, has won two major awards and created two revolutionary systems to solve major problems. On Feb. 10 the third iteration of the Bionic Porcupines won the 2018 Northern Utah State First Lego

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Checkmate! Mount Jordan Middle Wins Intramural Chess Tourney

Checkmate! The Mount Jordan Mountaineers raised a flag of victory at the summit of Canyons District’s Middle School Intramural Chess Tournament. At the end of the Saturday, Jan. 27, 2018 tourney, the team from Mount Jordan Middle, coached by Stephen Gordon, ended Midvale Middle’s five-year win streak at the annual competition for the district’s best teen players of the Royal Game.  The Midvale Trojans finished in second place. Third place was captured by the Butler Middle Bruins. All eight Canyons District middle schools fielded teams for the contest.  Union Middle Assistant Principal Taylor Hansen, who is overseeing the middle school

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Sixth graders to get a taste of middle school

For sixth-graders, making the leap to middle school is a big transition – but it doesn’t have to be a scary one. For nine years, Canyons District’s middle schools have opened their doors a day early to incoming 11- and 12-year-olds. This year’s middle-school orientation will be held the morning of Tuesday, Aug. 22, giving newcomers a chance to find their classes, meet their teachers, and attempt to open their lockers before the hectic hustle and bustle of the first day. The event eases back-to-school jitters by walking students through a day-in-the-life of middle school, albeit a shortened one.    Students

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Middle School Orientation Eases Back-to-School Jitters

Wide hallways, lockers that won’t open, multiple class periods and heavier homework loads–starting middle school for the first time can be a little daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. For eights years, Canyons District’s middle schools have opened their doors to incoming sixth-graders a day early to allow them to orient themselves and ease into their new surroundings before the official start of school. “It’s a great tradition. We’ve found that it really cuts down on the nerves and the tears and helps students get acclimated,” Mount Jordan’s new principal Cindy Hansen told a KTVX reporter who profiled the

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