The Envelope, Please: Who Will Win Awards at 10th CSD Film Festival?

While film critics around the country continue to debate whether “Green Book” was truly the year’s best picture, students in Canyons District schools have set their sights on becoming the next Steven Spielberg, Alfonso Cuaron, or Spike Lee.    Some 121 student-created entries from nearly every school in Canyons District,

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CSD Eliminates Fees for Courses Taken Via Virtual High School

Like most teenagers anxious to hit the road, sophomore Connor Perkins wants to be able to get his driver’s license as soon as he turns 16 in May. The challenge? Fitting a required Driver’s Education course into his already-packed class schedule at Hillcrest High. The answer for Connor was the

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CSD to Bridge Digital Divide with Technology Check-Out Program

Educators today are preoccupied with how to keep pace with their tech-savvy students, a generation of digital natives who were born into an era of instant connectivity and raised with technology-centered learning styles and expectations. But there still exist a good number of students whose only exposure to technology is

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Meet Stacy Kurtzhals: Ninja Administrator by Day, Ninja Momma at Night

By day, Stacy Kurtzhals is an administrator on special assignment supporting Canyons District schools. But on evenings and weekends, she transforms into “Ninja Momma.” Both of Kurtzhals sons–Tyler, 14 and Cooper, 10–are highly-ranked Ninja Warriors who have qualified to compete this February in the National Ninja League (NNL) World Championships

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Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Statement

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