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Policy 400.11 – Employee Release Time Regulations

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Board Policy

  1. The Board recognizes the need for regulations relating to the absence of employees to engage in activities within employee agent groups. The Administration is directed to administer regulations for released time for employees for employee agent activities.
  2. The Board authorizes the Superintendent and District Administration to develop administrative regulations consistent with this policy, subject to review and approval by the Board.


APPROVED: 10.4.2016

Employee Release Time Regulations - 400.11-1

  1. The president of the employee agent group may be released as outlined: (1) Board Policy—410.02—Release Time for the Licensed Employee Agent Group President; (2) Board Policy—420.02—Release Time for the ESP Employee Agent Group President.
  2. No employee shall be given approval for release from his/her duties for activities unless the release is requested in advance in writing by the employee agent group and approved in writing by the Superintendent or designee. All duties performed by employees on paid employee agent leave must directly benefit the District.
  3. No employee other than the employee agent group presidents (see Board Policy—410.02—Release Time for Licensed Employee Agent Group President; or Board Policy—420.02—Release Time for ESP Employee Agent Group President) involved in Association activities that do not directly benefit the District shall be given approval for released time in excess of five (5) days in any one school year.
  4. The appropriate salary and benefit costs for employees granted released time for activities including those that do not directly benefit the District shall be assessed to the employee agent group. This will be accomplished through remittance of such fees to the District from the respective employee agent group.
  5. Leave records with associated costs will be on file in the Human Resources Department.







Document History

Revised – 10.4.2016.  Policy – 400.11 – Employee Release Time Regulations was revised to maintain one policy for employees. Currently a policy exists for licensed and ESP employees. The revision eliminates the need for an additional policy

Adopted – 7.10.2007.


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